Americans Face Unprecedented Era of Employment Competition

Americans Face Unprecedented Era of Employment Competition

Joblessness was still big news this week. Recent news showed that some of the largest decreases in joblessness were in the rustbelt of the US. Michigan that led the country in urban joblessness in 2009 led the country in decreases of joblessness. Urban areas in western Michigan showed enormous decreases in joblessness. The city of Detroit led the country in urban joblessness several times in 2009 and in 2010.

Traveling around the country I find it amazing that areas like Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA still have strong manufacturing companies that employ thousands and maintain 20 and 30 year veterans. The rust belt has been hit inordinately hard in the elimination of manufacturing jobs. While newer manufacturing jobs require more schooling and education than past manufacturing jobs, they are still higher paying jobs than service jobs.

Recent moves by large and notable companies to overseas labor markets have made headlines all over the world. Many Americans feel that our era of mass employment and an emerging middle class is over. This is folly. The manufacturing sector of the United States has lost more than 20% of its base since the Reagan era. These jobs had a unique function of bringing the American dream to uneducated workers. That put the American dream within reach for millions of people. This special function of manufacturing helped create the robust middle class that America became famous for. To find the potential in the country, there will be hiring of the local hrms for singapore employees. There will be boost in the business and economy on hiring of the local employees. 

Today things have changed. China has a robust and emerging middle class. The image presented to Americans is that our wealth has been transferred. Some suppose this is because of the NAFTA treaty that eliminated trade barriers. Globalization of the United States’ economy has had unforeseen consequences. For manufacturers it cheapened the cost of labor but it led to a wealth transfer into other parts of the world. Recent overtures by the President and an emphasis on education seems to attempt to justify the cost of American resources. Today, Chinese and Indian human resources hold jobs in the United States via the internet. Virtually no statistics exist for these types of jobs. It seems our statistical tools are designed to measure jobs that physically migrated to China or India, but virtually no statistics exist for jobs that are still in the United States but are performed remotely. Remote controlled jobs in the American economy are a relative mystery. How many statistical analysis jobs, medical jobs and information technology jobs are listed as being in the United States but are actually performed by people in other countries who then receive the financial income? American jobs performed by people abroad using computers are rarely even mentioned in our media or analysis, but these are very real consequences of highly educated employment competition from abroad.

Americans are facing an era of job competition they’ve never seen before. The only way to get past this period is to create more opportunities for Americans to become employed. Our economy has to outperform previous losses. We know our people have talent, and we have to decide to protect our markets and bring wealth home. That’s the basic truth.

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