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Pokemon Go maker is looking forward to expanding their base in India

Pokémon Go became hugely popular in India when it was released in this country. But gradually, its craze had died down over time. The maker of Pokemon, Niantic, is planning to increase its reach in India. For this job, they are to hire a local growth scout in this country. This company has posted a […]

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Hytale Vs Minecraft Battle Of The Games In Present World

The world of games has attracted many people, and it is in the process to attract more. There are many e entries of new games in the market that are getting popular at which time, and on the present wall, Minecraft is amongst the most selling games. To compete with Minecraft, there is also the […]

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Retro Video Game Reviews: M.U.L.E. (NES)

In 1990, Mindscape, with Ozark Softscape pitching in, released a port to the Nintendo Entertainment System called M.U.L.E. This was an economic simulation game with a science-fiction setting, and had been released on earlier versions for Atari 400/800 and PC. The colonization adventure became a pseudo-classic in its own right with its innovative functioning and […]

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