Circuit City Bankruptcy No Surprise to Current and Past Employees

Circuit City Bankruptcy No Surprise to Current and Past Employees

For several years now, Circuit City has been bordering on the edge of bankruptcy. They have consulted with private buyers to look at buy-out opportunities. They have thought about breaking Circuit City apart from Fire Dog to help increase revenue to one line. They have laid off thousands of employees and even shut down stores in markets across the country. As of last week, they had shut down more than 700 stores across the country so that they only had stores open in 12 markets. The Circuit City Bankruptcy seemed inevitable. With the present employees, the interest of the past employees will be considered through the bankruptcy attorney san diego. The providing of the services should be in the favor of the employees. 

I live and work in Richmond, Virginia – the capital of Circuit City headquarters. I know at least a dozen people that work or have recently worked for Circuit City. By listening to those friends and watching the news reports, the Circuit City Bankruptcy comes as no surprise to me. I, myself, have contracted with Circuit City on a 6-month project that helped me to understand why Circuit City was not structured to last for long.

As a Circuit City contractor, my job was to write product descriptions for the Web site. To find information for these descriptions, I had to look at product reviews from other sites, such as and at the manufacturer’s Web site. Some product descriptions were easy to write because the information about the product was easy to find. However, other products were tough to find online.

I predicted the Circuit City bankruptcy after only a few weeks as a contractor there. I had about 20 products that needed to be put online immediately, yet I could find no information about them. I contact my supervisor, only to learn that he was no longer my supervisor. I contacted my new supervisor, who had no idea that I was even working for her. For a week, I tried to track down the person that was supposed to manage me and help me find information I needed to no avail. Those product descriptions were never written and the products never made it online. That was during holiday season.

The internal structure at Circuit City was messy, to say the least. Positions changed with no warning. People had no real job descriptions. Even the office space was not quite tied down, as departments were always preparing for a move that would never happen. Was I surprised by the Circuit City Bankruptcy? Not in the least.

For my friends that relied on their jobs at Circuit City, I feel bad for them. This is not, and has not been, an economy for being laid off. Hopefully the experience of working for a company that went bankrupt will help some people understand that job security is hard to find – so save now, be important to your employer, and appreciate each opportunity as it comes. Good luck to all those that have lost jobs because of the Circuit City Bankruptcy.

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