5 Things Parents Will Need When Buying Their Child a New Laptop

5 Things Parents Will Need When Buying Their Child a New Laptop

Nowadays children need computers for just about everything; including homework, school work and recreation. A laptop usually suits a child just fine, but oftentimes there are things well-meaning parents forget when buying a new laptop for their child.


I work at an electronics store where parents come and buy their children laptops on a daily basis. When parents want to buy a new laptop for their child they usually say things like “well, this laptop is only for a child” and will opt for the lowest priced laptop in stock. What parents don’t realize is that children (ages 7-18) will use computers more than adults and will need more advanced computers than they thing. If parents are planning to buy a laptop for their child that will last the next 4-5 years, it only makes sense to buy a laptop that will stand the test of time.


When parents buy their child a laptop, it’s usually for homework or school related tasks. It’s often assumed that the necessary software to get school tasks done will be preinstalled on today’s laptop; but that isn’t true. Microsoft Office, games, antivirus and other software your child will likely need (and want) will need to be purchased with the laptop in order to have everything your child needs.


Laptops cases, mice, cables, software, and other accessories will be needed when you buy your child a laptop. Parents will often buy a laptop by itself and feel that they’ve got everything their children will need to get their work done. Without a laptop case, how will your child carry their laptop? By hand? Accessories are very important and are available at computer store for your child’s benefit.


You’ve bought things for your children before and you know that they just love breaking things you’ve spent your hard earned money one. You don’t want to make their laptop another one of those broken gadgets, so it would be best to purchase some sort of extended or in-store warranty to make sure your child’s computer is protected once they break it. You certainly don’t want to go back and forth to laptop and computer repair just to fix your kid’s laptop every time it gest broken. Make sure to invest your money on quality devices made from durable materials. Always choose a device that can last for years.

The Child

I always see parents when they come in to buy their child a laptop, but they always forget to bring something that’s very important – the child. Your child will own this laptop for the next 4-5 years (if they’re careful) and it’s best to get their say-so on the laptop they’ll have for all those years. No matter how much you think you know; your children know what better fits their needs more than you. Most parents don’t go shoe shopping for their child without bringing their children, so wouldn’t it make sense to have them with you when you buy them a new laptop computer?

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