Wowhead- Warcraft Strategy

Wowhead- Warcraft Strategy

Anything or any place that involves victory and defeat is considered a battlefield and hence many people consider a harmless game to be a potential battleground where scores are settled between two sides.

Soldiers stand guard at the border and guard their country from enemies by abandoning their families for the sake of their nation and make their country proud by either hoisting their country’s flag on a conquered piece of land or return home wrapped in it.

Warcraft, despite being a game, is also considered a bloody battleground where you have numerous players on both sides with a common goal to become the most powerful character in the game and interact with one another.

Beginner’s Guide

World of Warcraft player count begins in Azeroth where you begin with the eastern kingdoms that is locked in a battle instigated by the arrival of Orcish Horde, a goblin monster that starts the war by creating divides.

An Orc is also known by its pseudonym Draenor that comes from the netherworlds whose main goal is to conquer the world and break it into pieces which is why you need a Guide to success by tackling enemies like him once and for all.

Once you have created a virtual character of your choice, you enter the world of warcraft that begins with a short movie where a voiceover will acknowledge your presence in Azeroth by deeming you as a member of your chosen Faction.

The game starts with Exile’s Reach where the camera is entirely focused on your character that can be manipulated by you being a player where you can zoom in and out with your mouse.

You will notice a bar flanked by two gryphons at the bottom screen called Action Bar through which you can control your abilities where you can move your character in any direction of your choice.

There are total 10 levels where each surpasses the previous in complexity so make sure that you have your wits in place.

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