What You Need to Know About Moving

What You Need to Know About Moving

It could be your first time moving out of your parent’s house or your fiftieth move, but there is one thing that never changes; you will need to pack a truck. This is where a lot of people go wrong no matter how many times they have moved.

The Truck:

The first place that someone can go wrong is the moving van they rent. Bigger is not always better, in fact bigger is badder in this case (forgive the poor English). The worst thing a person can do is go out and rent the biggest van possible. You really do want a tight fit in that van, the less space there is the less your precious cargo can shift during driving.

Packing Material:

After getting the proper sized truck one will want to get the proper packing supplies. Most moving companies will gladly sell moving boxes and blankets at a ridiculous price. To beat them on the box charge, ask around stores in your area ( I prefer Wal-Mart and fast food restaurants) and see if you can carry away some of their trash boxes. If you just need to have your own, fresh boxes you can go online and find a wholesaler who will sell you boxes at a reduced rate. As for packing blankets, see if you can rent instead of purchasing them from a moving company. Or, you can use old comforters for packing blankets. For the correct information about edmonton movers, a visit can be made at the official website to get the benefit. The moving hiring companies will offer the desired benefits to the person. The rates will be less and impressive for the person.

Box Packing:

Go light when you are packing up the boxes. Because they are more or less a uniform shape, you can fit a lot of boxes in a van and there is no reason to over pack them. The only thing that gets accomplished by over packing boxes is the mover has to lift more weight and gets worn out faster.

Van Packing:

If there is one area where movers mess up more than any other it is packing up the moving van. Put heavy items (dressers, entertainment systems, couches) in the very back of the van, or right against the cab. This way if you slam on the brakes all the heavy furniture will stay in place instead of sliding and crushing the other items in the truck. Now place all the other, lighter items in the truck and make sure that they are secured. Securing the items is one of the most important steps. Use good rope, use lots of it, tie down everything possible and then tie it down again.

The Time:

If you have the luxury of deciding what time of the year you move choose either Spring or Fall. In the summer things get real hot real fast, and the back of a moving van can get to well over a hundred degrees sitting in the sun. And there reverse is true in winter, nobody wants to be slipping on ice while moving into a new house.

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