What is the actual cost for stone paving in the indoor and outdoor spaces?

What is the actual cost for stone paving in the indoor and outdoor spaces?

When thinking about paving with stones, one should think of materials that are functional for the place where they will be laid. Besides, stone quality, size, color, laying method, pattern, installation technique, project importance, labor charges are some factors that determine the Tänavakivide paigaldus cost. A great idea is to consult with a professional stone paving company.

Is the price for stone paving extremely high?

Due to the huge price difference, you just cannot say that in a generalized way. While the cheapest stones start at around 10 dollar per square meter, you can expect prices from 50 dollars per square meters to 100 dollars per square meters for high quality stones. For very high quality or exclusive stones, prices go up to 150 to 200 dollars per square meters.

Are there any differences in price tag for different types?

Yes. it depends on your requirement. Each has different price tag. One of the most versatile materials for stone paving is crushed stone. They can be used to pave backyards and gardens, providing good drainage for rainwater. Cobblestone paving is extremely famous when it comes to paving streets. It creates smooth surfaces for cars, is widely used in inner cities. Thanks to specific characteristics, such as being heat-resistant and non-slip, Tome stone is widely used to pave the surroundings of swimming pools. Limestone is an extremely versatile choice of stone for paving, offering long durability, easy molding and a good cost benefit.

Is there any price tag for surface coatings?

There are special surface treatments and coatings for all types of stone – both natural stone and concrete stone variants. The more a surface is processed or refined, the higher the price in the end. Special processing methods are also used for stones that are later supposed to look antique. This processing also leads to a significantly higher price at the end.

Can you estimate the cost?

When it comes to paving, cost estimates quickly become unmanageable. Even with paving stones, there can be huge price differences. As there are dozens of options on the market, with unique characteristics, it is essential to consult a professional about the best stone option for the space you intend to pave. 

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