Things You May Want To Know About The Share Pro

Things You May Want To Know About The Share Pro

You must have heard about the name share pro. It is the website where you can submit your music, and they will give you a review or feedback on that in just 48 hours. If they like your music, then they even share it on their platform. The best part about this website is that your song is reviewed by the big professionals of the music industries such as a&r music submission and many more. Now may have some questions of doubt, and for that, you can check below.

How do you be able to know that your submission is reviewed?

Now, most people have this doubt; the website is the latest learning technology just to make sure that your submission gets reviewed under the deadline, which is 48 hours. You can also follow the manage submission option by visiting the campaign page.

How can you communicate with a tastemaker?

You cannot directly communicate with the tastemaker; in fact, the tastemaker will decide whether to whom they want to communicate or not. Communication will not be based on whether they like your shared music or not; if they want to, you will get the notification on the campaign page.

What kind of music links can a person submit?

When you submit the music to the tastemaker on the share pro, you need to share the links which are on the below-mentioned platform –

  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Beatscore
  • Spotify
  • Bandcamp
  • Audiomack
  • Applemusic

If you have a link other than these platforms, then your song will be submitted.

Can you edit the submission file after submitting it?

 No, you cannot edit any submission file if you have sent that link already or already submitted it. So you need to take care of these things, and before sending the link, make sure you have done everything you want to.

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