Numerology Meanings By Numbers

Numerology Meanings By Numbers

When it comes to numerology meanings, you need to know what the resulting number signifies after you do the calculation. Since all numbers in numerology are reduced to single digits, the numbers are 1-9 and the master numbers of 11 and 22.

It is these numbers that arouse curiosity among numerology experts as to what 333 angel number means and how 666 is the devil’s advocate that one needs to be wary of as they all have different meanings that come into play at regular intervals in an individual’s life as 11 and 22 are called master numbers for a reason that have symbolic meaning just like other numerical which we shall look at in this article itself.

The symbolism of the numbers will help you to understand what your numbers signify. Each number references different aspects of someone’s personality and having a result of a particular number means that you have a tendency toward those particular traits. This is most evident in the numbers for core elements. Here is an overview of what the numbers mean:

1 – One signifies an independent spirit with a sense of individuality. Those with a 1 for their Life Path are often leaders and are at the forefront in any given field.

2 – Two is more indicative of bonding and closeness with sensitivity while striving for balance and harmony.

3 – If your Life Path number is a three, you are joyful and exuberant with a sense of optimism and sociability. Threes are creative and have a general air of joyful living.

4 – Fours are very organized and work hard. They are practical and down to earth and accept limitations and work around them.

5 – If you are a five then you are progressive and exciting. A five will thrive on variety and use their freedom constructively.

6 – A six is a person with a sense of responsibility. They are supportive and caring of others and are always helping someone else.

7 – A seven is always searching for a higher meaning. They are often introspective and like figuring things out. They excel at analytical tasks that require digging deeper for answers.

8 – If you are an eight, you thrive on achievement where you can show evidence of it in material things. You enjoy a sense of accomplishment and receiving accolades for it. The eight always strive for power.

9 – A nine is very compassionate and selflessly thinks of others. They give for the joy of giving and are often involved in humanitarian activities.

10 – The next number is an eleven and is one of only two double-digit numbers. One of the Master numbers, an eleven is intuitive and yet carries a lot of nervous tension. Their heightened sense of awareness makes them spiritual teachers

11 – The second of the Master numbers, a 22 is a master builder with underlying power. They often have very high ideals and have a deeper understanding of the material world.

Although your Life Path has a specific number, numerology meanings go much deeper than just the core elements. There are many numbers that are calculated in conjunction with the core elements to create a whole picture of the individual. Although you have core numbers that serve as the basis for your personality, there are many other numbers that work to influence your core number by either strengthening or weakening certain aspects of it.

You might have a Life Path of 1, but you could have a modifier with a number of 5. Understanding how these different numbers influence or offset each other will provide deeper meaning for your overall analysis.

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