Fire Prevention Safety For Outdoor Fun

Fire Prevention Safety For Outdoor Fun

Summer is near and not every city is blessed with beaches and lots of water so recreation often takes the form of hiking, camping and possibly kayaking and canoeing in the forests, trails, and lakes of the Rocky Mountains. At this time of year Colorado is very beautiful and the mountains are alive with the sights and sounds of nature. Woodland Park is surrounded by Pike National Forest, a 1,106,604 acres (4,478 Km2). There are many places to both camp and hike here. However,in the past wildfires have done much damage in this and other forests and camping areas. In 2002 a portion of this forest was an area where one of those fires, known as “the Hayman fires” were. This fire destroyed a large portion of the forest west of Manitou Springs (a small town west of Colorado Springs). One of these fires destroyed an area near what is known as the Barr National Recreation Trail, a hiking trail that is 12.6 miles in length, and climbs 7,300 feet high. The damage can still be seen from a part of town where I used to live on W. Colorado Ave near the entrance of Manitou Springs.

There are many places in Colorado to both camp overnight and learn about how to do it. Camping makes for an exciting adventure. Other outdoor adventures are hiking and kayaking high in the mountains. Although one of the necessisities of camping, hiking and other outdoor activities is learning about and practicing fire safety. This article will present several fire safety prevention methods.

For starters, let’s suffice it to say that it isn’t going to be as simple a review on products that you can find on but pretty useful tips on how to manage yourself while avoiding situations that might result in flames.

The first thing that goes into a fun and safe outdoor experience is proper preparation. Having a map and knowing the rules for any state or national parks that you might be going to are always the first order of business in preparing for any camping or other outdoor trip. Although there are several other things that are necessary, both making sure you have the proper equipment and safety devices along is one of the most important parts of preparation. This includes several items that are quite necessary. These include: waterproof matches, safely contained accelerant if necessary, a small bucket and shovel both of which are to be used in putting out the fire, and a fire extinguisher if at all possible. Also a well stocked first aid kit is essential. Burns sometimes injure large surface areas of the skin and left untreated or improperly out in the wilderness chances for infection are great. Medical attention should be sought if this or other severe injury happens.

In addition to a well equipped camper, someone who wishes to prevent fires enters into this adventure knowledgeable about the proper fire prevention procedures. It is important to know how to make a campfire and how to put one out. Making a campfire is not difficult to do. It is preferred to locate a pit that has been dug and prepared specifically for this purpose. These pits are usually ringed with rocks to prevent the fire from spreading. In addition it is best to remove all flammable items 10 feet around the fire and to place wood that has been collected far enough away from the fire, so it won’t catch fire. Of course it is necessary for both children and pets to be kept away from the fire, which should not be left unattended at any time.

Before bed and before leaving the campsite for any reason the fire should be put out properly. This includes pouring water over the fire, then checking for any smouldering embers or other sources of heat and putting either more water or dirt if any are found.

Safety should be a major concern in all aspects of any outdoor trip. This includes proper knowledge, bringing the right tools, making, maintaining and putting out a fire properly. Following a simple, well thought out plan for any outdoor trip ensures a safe trip and preserves the area for others to enjoy later.

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