Easy Home Security Precautions

Easy Home Security Precautions

Too often we don’t take the time to consider home security precautions until it is too late. This is unfortunate, because not only are your possessions at risk, but you and your family could be at risk as well. While many of us take the stance that it won’t happen to us or that our community is safe from such potential hazards, such things should not be left to chance. There are certain steps, many of them simple, that you can take to improve home security and reduce the chances that your home will be targeted for a break in.

Clear obstructions

By removing large bushes, trees and other obstructions from around your home, you eliminate hiding places for burglars. Such items placed close to the home can provide the perfect staging points for prospective entrants and give them cover while they case your home or work to open a window or door.


Most criminals will attempt to avoid anything that brings attention to their illegal activities. Therefore, ensuring the outside of your home is well lit, can act as a strong deterrent to anyone looking to break in. A light set to a timer to come on when it is dark or a motion detecting light can be cheap and relatively easy ways to improve your home security. It can also help to leave a light or lights on inside your home when you are out to give the impression that someone is at home.


While certain alarm systems can be costly, they are strong deterrents for those attempting to enter your home illegally. Monitored systems through a security service are the most costly. Unmonitored systems are cheaper but probably won’t bring assistance from local police or security services. If you can’t afford such a system, consider placing a system service or alarm sticker on windows or doors. Most potential burglars will not know if these stickers are decoys and won’t take the chance to find out.

The small stuff

Even little things can make a big difference when it comes to home security. Locking doors and windows even when you are at home, closing drapes, not letting mail and fliers pile up or leaving trashcans by the street for extended periods can reduce the chances of a break in.


Get to know your neighbors. Join a community watch program. If you have trustworthy neighbors, let them know when you are going out of town for extended periods, have them keep an eye on the place, and make sure you stop your mail or have someone pick it up while you are away.

Plan ahead

What would you do if someone broke into your home and you were there? Have you ever considered it? If so, have you actually developed a plan of action for you and/or your family? Having an action plan in the event of a break in can be the best way to protect you and your loved one’s home security.


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