4 Amazing Ways To Use Bookshelves

4 Amazing Ways To Use Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very useful these days to store your favorite collection. The riiul serves the best purpose for consolidating, displaying, and organizing your different items. The bookshelves are easy to move, so you can place them in hallways, in-room, or in the corner as a side table. 

Here are four alternative ways in which you can use these shelves: 

Store your CDs, DVDs, and blue rays

Apart from storing books on bookshelves, you can also store your entertainment media on these shelves. If you have a great collection of CDs and DVDs and find a shortage of space, bookshelves can quickly solve your problem. It consists of enough space to store all your movie players, games, and blue rays. It is the best piece for organizing and storing your great collection.

Holds your shoes inside

Bookshelves can also be used for keeping your footwear in order. If you have a large pair of shoes and find it challenging to keep them in order, it is a great idea to use bookshelves. The riiul consists of various sections of the area where you can easily keep your shoes, bellies, floaters, heels, and much other footwear.

Turn it into a side table

Generally, the smaller bookshelves are like a two-way street. You can use it in multiple ways. While placing your favorite books at the bottom, you can hold nick-knacks, a coaster, or a lamp at the top of the shelf. It is a fantastic way to update your side table.

Organize your sweaters

If there is not enough space in your almirah to store excess sweaters, then you can also use bookshelves to organize your sweaters in a neat and tidy way. It is easier to find your clothes at riiul and also a great way to organize your closet. It creates more space for storing your beautiful clothes collection.

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