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How To Buy Lapel Pins? Here Are Few Consumer Tips!

The modern world has been choosing different tips and tactics to get things done. Lapel pins are one of the craziest ideas that people have been choosing to promote their businesses across the world. 

In addition, some of you might be worried about how to buy lapel pins for yourself for the very first time. We are here providing you with an easy guide on how to pick for custom enamel lapel pins for the advertisement of their business. 

Easy guide for choosing lapel pins!

Lapel pins are one of the considerable things that have been trending across the world for different purposes. If you are too fascinated with the lapel pins, then consider these details surely. 

  • Choose for the purpose:

the foremost thing that you need to determine is the purpose of choosing these pins.  There are different reasons for marketing to the accessory; these pins can be used for all. 

  • Pick an optimal design:

you need to determine which a better design is for the purpose you are choosing your enamel pin. Picking up design can be practiced on your own, or you can take suggestions from the lapel pins manufacturer as well. 

  • Know different varieties:

as these pins are used for different purposes, so you need to ascertain that what the different varieties are. You can choose from soft enamel, hard enamel, die struck polish, and many others that can be considered for selecting the one for you. 

Wrapping up

Let us wrap this up as we have taken a considerable guide on how to pick for the custom enamel lapel pins for the first time. In addition, if you are choosing it purely for marketing, then quality is a considerable aspect surely. You can be surely considered regarding details stated above in the article.

Meet Kiss 95.7’s Prolifik

Growing up in a very musical family with influences from a variety of genres, it’s not surprising that Hartford native Michael Garofalo, better known as Prolifik, has made a career out of all aspects of music. He makes you laugh, interviews fascinating celebs, plays the latest tracks on Kiss 95.7, and is also a rapper/musician in his own right diligently working to promote his new songs and videos. You can download his music album from and support him as well.  It has taken drive, determination, and a passion for music to get Prolifik the buzz he has in Connecticut, but his ambitions and talent are sure to make his name well known across the US and beyond.

Prolifik started experimenting with lyrics as early as a middle school with his best friend who was creating raw beats on his keyboard at the time. As time progressed and Prolifik gained more lyrical confidence his music reflected his dedication to perfecting his style. His personal experiences became topics in his tracks and he was no longer just emulating other artists.

After graduating high school, Prolifik knew he loved music but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do as far as his career. He attended Fairfield College as a pre-law student but realized it wasn’t for him so feeling rushed on making his dream career a reality, he went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting. His grind at the school, as well as his forming relationships with radio jocks, landed him a job with Clear Channel and the Power 104 street team. After jumping through hoops while remaining true to himself, Prolifik became a part of Kiss 95.7 and has gained huge popularity for his fun personality and honest commentary on air.

As far as coming from Connecticut is concerned, Prolifik feels it has done nothing but help his career, as gaining popularity in a small state will aid in his venturing out to other areas on the map. He works hard to overcome stereotypes related to CT artists and utilizes all promotional outlets to get his name out there. Currently, Prolifik is looking into Boston, NY, and LA stations as well as getting his feet wet in the television industry. This, along with recording new music and videos, Prolifik is truly on a mission to live his musical dreams. His upcoming album, “Chain Links and White Pickets” showcases his ability to connect with people of all walks of life through his own experiences from both spectrums of socio-economic status. Check out his most recent videos “Drunk Dialing” and “One More Night” on YouTube, get connected with him on a more personal and musical level on Kiss 95.7 (M-F 7 pm-12 am), Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Connecticut looks forward to hearing more from one of our own multi-talented artists and his own resolve will prove to do just that.


Natural Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are annoying. They can be painful and occupy much of your time trying to avoid being bitten. There are all kinds of products in retail stores to spray all over your body, but most of those products either smell horrible or make your body feel slimy all over.  And mosquito pest control services that you try to get rid of mosquitos effectively. 

Follow some of these natural steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and you’ll save money and feel cleaner.

Mosquitoes are most common in areas that are warm and moist. This means you’ll see more of them during the summer months than any other time of the yea. As hot and uncomfortable as it may be, try wearing long sleeve shirts during. You can mix long sleeve shirts with shorts, or short sleeve shirts with pants. This way at least half of your body is cooling itself with effectiveness. Pay attention to where you normally are bitten. Some skin areas on your body release a different odor than others. Mosquitoes can pick up on this and will feast accordingly. If you find that your legs are a mosquito bite favorite, then try wearing pants more often in mosquito-populated areas. You can apply this technique to any half of your body.

Mosquito tents are another way to avoid being bitten. If you’re camping then this is a must. If you are trying to avoid these little buggers at night, you can try standing close to a campfire. Although mosquitoes thrive in warm and humid environments, they generally don’t like the heat that fires produce. Use this to your advantage.

Use tomato seed oil. This comes in aerosol format and can be found at most local camping or natural remedy stores. This is certainly a natural way to avoid being bitten by a mosquito, but the only drawback is that tomato seed oil can attract other bugs that may bite you. They pick up on the smell as though you were a tomato plant and feast accordingly depending on where you are.

Dryer sheets work well. If you have any dryer sheets lying around the house in the laundry room, pull them. Take one or two of them and rub them all over your body. You can even rub one of the sheets through your hair. There’s something about the odor that it releases that mosquitoes absolutely hate. This is a very effective way to avoid being bitten. Make sure to put two or three extras sheets in your pockets if you happen to be camping or on a hike through areas highly populated with mosquitoes.

You can use olive oil as well. This is a technique used by Europeans from time to time. You may not like the feeling of the oil on your skin at first, but after a while, you might realize that not only can olive oil help to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes but it can also help to make your skin much more healthy. This strategy has multiple benefits for sure.

A Weight Loss Resolution and How to Keep It

Every year people across the nation are inspired by the new year to become better people. Making new year’s resolutions is a tradition many of us practice, but how many of us actually stick to them? One of the top new year’s resolutions year after year is to lose weight. The reason why so many of us fail to keep it is because we set the bar too high, this is simply too broad a topic. If we all take small steps in bettering ourselves it will be far easier to maintain this promise we have made to 2010 (and 2011, 2012…).

The first step in declaring a weight loss new year’s resolution is setting clear, realistic goals. Let’s start with a resolution to eat healthier. This is so much easier to do than many of us imagine. Start with planning out a weekly meal plan, be sure to include ate least one fruit or veggie with each meal. If the problem is eating out a lot or depending on fast food during the week then plan on cutting out one take-out meal each week. As time progresses you can work towards only eating out once or twice each month saving you both money and mystery calories that add up quickly. If you’re a compulsive snacker (guilty) try substituting fruit for at least one snack during the day. A couple of clementines satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me filled up in between meals. Once you adjust to eating healthier snacks everything else will fall into place. Along with the weight loss, the results of the leptitox will be excellent to keep the body fit and healthy. The maintenance of the body will be as per the requirement of the person . It can be taken in the morning snacks. 

The next step in working towards your weight loss new year’s resolution should be exercise. If you can commit to just one extra day of exercise each week you will see amazing differences. You’re not going to lose tons of weight on one day of working out each week, so once you get into a good routine move on to add another day until you’re up to exercising every other day. Just and hour of jogging on the treadmill a couple days a week will make you feel more energetic and proud of your accomplishments. If you don’t have fancy exercise equipment no problem, your house holds many opportunities to work out. Use the stairs to walk or jog up and down, or use just the bottom step for a step-aerobics program. Turn on a workout network on t.v. or even download workout programs on line for motivation and instruction. Invest in a jump rope (one of the least expensive workout tools) and jump in a wide open space like the garage. Push ups and sit ups don’t even need expensive gear so there are no excuses for not starting a routine today.

If your house holds little motivation to get up and get moving look into gym memberships. Many fitness centers offer great discounts around this time just for those of us who make weight loss new year’s resolutions. Don’t see any ads for your local gyms? Just call them up and ask if they have any start up deals, most will have something they can offer to save you some money. A gym membership is great if you need that get-out-of-the-house inspiration. Many centers also have an extensive equipment stock and employees who can offer wellness advice and tips. If you do sign up for a membership make sure you get the most for your money and use all of the services they offer, some even have babysitting so you can work out with your kids close by.

Making small, realistic commitments makes keeping a weight loss resolution much easier to actually accomplish. This doesn’t have to be a chore, it should be fun and rewarding. Get the whole family involved and go for nightly walks or family workouts. Make sure everyone is on board and offering suggestions for the family menu make-over.Grab a friend and head to the gym for some weight-lifting or a couple of laps in the pool. Not only will you start to see the results but you’ll feel younger, happier and more confident. Losing weight for the new year is a great goal that so many of us can benefit from, take that step and have fun!

How Do You Get Your Website Live?

So you have a website idea. How to you get your website to go live or how do you get your website online? Well if you are new to computers and things then you may not know that if you want to create a website then you must have web hosting. Web hosting is what makes it possible for you to get your website live on the Internet.

If you did not have web hosting you would have to buy your own server which can be very expensive so the alternative to buying your very own server is to choose a web hosting service provider that will run your website for you and all you have to do is build your website and pay a monthly fee to use there services.

You see these web hosting service provider companies have actually done us a favor because the prices of buying a server are expensive and high maintenance to use. If you had a problem with your website there is only you for support but with a web site hosting service provider they are your support just make sure that when choosing one that they are a legitimate company. So many web hosting company’s are scam artists and will take your money without offering you much in return. Just make sure that you choose the best cheap web hosting 2020 service out there to avoid technical issues in the most cost efficient way possible.

So now that you know how to get your website live you must find a web host service provider that will run your website for you. There are thousands and thousands to choose from so finding the right one can prove to be a very difficult and tedious task. Make sure you research the web hosting company you are thinking about buying before you actually buy it. This will save the headache of getting ripped off.

Most web site web hosting sites are cheaper then they were a few years ago. The average site goes for around $10 for the basics of what you need for any website. If you search around you can find some for around $2 a month and some for around $25 to $50 a month. You pay for what you get. You see if you are planning on making your website a really big site then spend money on it. If you can’t afford it do what you can to make your website the best but don’t only focus on the price. Focus on the legitimacy of the business and support and uptime these three factors play a huge part in choosing your web site hosting.

Now that you have learned how to make your website live through using website hosting you can get started on your online business.

An ultimate guide to the buy bitcoins in the best possible way!

Bitcoins have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. It is irrefutable that bitcoin the future of the modern currency. Bitcoin is completely managed by its users only as there are no governing institutions that manage the bitcoin. It is entirely controlled by its buyers and sellers only. Despite of its great popularity, people still don’t have much knowledge about bitcoins and how to purchase them. There are various sources online through which you can buy bitcoins. You can use Bitcoin blueprint signals as Bitcoin Blueprint Signals is a software solution that helps you to buy bitcoins safely and easily.

Top ways to buy bitcoins

P2P exchange

P2P stands for peer-to-peer exchange which is one of the best sources to buy bitcoins. There are special P2P markets that allow you exchange bitcoin with sellers and buyers. Most of the time, you get to trade with your known traded in P2P marketplaces. P2P markets removes the needs of having any bank account as here you can meet with the buyer or seller in person and buy or sell the bitcoin using real money as the medium of exchange. You can also perform P2P exchange over the Internet as there are various sites that enable it.

Bitcoin ATM

It is one of the modern and most innovative ways to buy bitcoins. Most of people don’t have access to this option as bitcoin ATM are not available everywhere. In big metro cities you can easily find bitcoin ATM on different public places such as airports, metro stations, etc. It is quite simple to use these ATMs to buy bitcoins. You can also add a specific address where you want send the bitcoins. After the transaction the machine prints out a receipt showing the balance of your bitcoins and your transaction details.

Retro Video Game Reviews: M.U.L.E. (NES)

In 1990, Mindscape, with Ozark Softscape pitching in, released a port to the Nintendo Entertainment System called M.U.L.E. This was an economic simulation game with a science-fiction setting, and had been released on earlier versions for Atari 400/800 and PC. The colonization adventure became a pseudo-classic in its own right with its innovative functioning and whimsical elements, but would it hold up decades later?


The game of M.U.L.E. is participated in by up to four players, whether played by the computer or even up to a quartet of human beings, across a series of rounds in which each participant is trying to amass the most net worth; in this case, achieved by a combination of money, land, and goods, all gathered through strategy and planning across a series of rounds.

Each round has a few different phases, some of which are simultaneously participated in by all players, others of which are solely controlled by one at a time. The storyline is that a group of overseers are in charge of forming a productive, self-sustaining colony on the planet Irata, a planet name that is “Atari” spelled backwards. The first phase of every turn is for players to choose a plot of land each, in a sort of draft, by which a square advances across the landscape, one plot at a time, which each player able to claim one at the press of a button (or an arbitrary sudden designation, in the case of the A.I.).

Once a player has a blank plot of land, he or she can then go into the corral to outfit a M.U.L.E., which is a mule-looking robot, its acronym name standing for Multiple Use Labor Element. These devices can make a plot of land suitable for producing food, energy, or mining for smithore (or even crystite, a rarer, more valuable mineral found in the Tournament difficulty setting, the most difficult of three). The players, before the game began, got to choose a representative race of alien; these race choices, along with other factors (such as a one-unit bonus for having three of the same type in play, along with production bonuses for adjacent plots of the same type), influence how well the plots of land produce. They may have other traits, such as the humans having a built-in penalty by starting out with $400 less. The benefit of the league of legends level 30 account will be various for the players. Along with the pros, there should be proper information about the drawbacks of purchasing the account. It will enhance the skills and excellence of the players. 

Once all players have chosen a plot and designated their purposes, a series of simul-play screens play out, in which the players get to see how much their plots produce of food, energy, and mining material. Then, in the market, they can sell their excess or buy units they need more of. Ultimately, food is what your player-character needs to move across the field (such as moving a M.U.L.E. to a plot), energy is what the M.U.L.E.s need to function at each plot for turn, and the materials that are mined are solely for selling in the market to amass more money.

This, already, forms a complex economic simulation where not only is the base planetary market influenced by supply and demand of each item, but the variably manners in which the players interact make for potentially complicated series of exchanges and market fluctuations, resulting in a competitive, deeply tactical game.

If those aspects were not enough, though, there are even a few gameplay elements that are somewhat more fluid, flexible, and unpredictable. For example, each player’s turn may begin with a random event; this may be an action like roof repairs needed that cost money, winning the lottery to make money, or events that affect market prices, plot production, or other various potential effects. Also, human characters have an advantage in that, once they have assigned a M.U.L.E. to a plot and still have time on their shrinking-bar timer, they can try to catch a Wampus creature in the mountains (in a form of an intermittently blinking icon to run into in a certain timing) to earn extra money. Finally, for every player, if they can get to the Pub (one of the locations in the base where the player starts, along with the M.U.L.E. corral and corresponding doors for differing assignments for the device) to gain a somewhat random amount of money gambling, usually between $50 and $250.

Playing with computer players can be challenging in and of itself, and these randomization features can enhance replay value, but the true value of this game is in the intense head-to-head market action that multiple humans produce. Good luck to anyone, though, that is seeking friends to play a game of NES M.U.L.E. with.


The appearances are blatantly de-emphasized, with this being a game stripped of all glamor in exchange for pure functionality. There are huge swaths of simple, blue background, especially pronounced in the market screen, which take place on this background while players control their alien-race avatar by walking them up or down, depending on whether they are buying or selling and at what price. Even the overworld is very plain, with its grid-based series of plots hardly different, just obvious in their crude difference; for example, the river spaces obviously have a blue line through them, useful because these are best for food-producing farms, while the one-colored mountains are for mining, and flat land used best for energy. Even the menu screens are stark and bleary. This is not really a visual game.


Oddly enough, M.U.L.E. features voice synthesizing in a couple parts, such as when the player selects their alien race and color (“… green Bonzoid!” and such). Otherwise, this is a fairly quiet game, with only the barest of sound effects used for the random planetary events (a thud for a briefly animated meteorite strike on the overworld, for example), with the highlight perhaps being the mechanical hee-haw of the M.U.L.E. units when they are selected. Only the Player Summary screen, which shows the net worth rankings (and even breaks them down by money, land, and goods on hand), has any background music, and this is simply standard, a two-layer beat that keeps things moving along. Other parts are even completely silent, perhaps appropriate for a distant, alien world. However it is examined, this cannot be considered among the premiere 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System video games in terms of its sound alone.


Like other ports to the NES, whether formerly arcade or PC or otherwise, M.U.L.E. is a video game that has an interesting history, formerly had some big fans, and holds its own unique placing in gaming history. There may have been a couple other economic simulation games on the NES, such as Wall Street Kid, but there was nothing quite like M.U.L.E. In addition to its planet name paying homage to Atari, other elements provide a hat-tip to a prior generation; for instance, the Wampus hunt references the generic Wumpus creature that appeared in a very early, text-based, BASIC-coded hide-and-seek PC game that was ported to other versions, including a popular-for-its-time website. The lead designer of the original version of M.U.L.E., Dan Bunten, was a gaming pioneer in his own right, cited as an influence on such figures as Will Wright, legendary creator of such franchises as SimCity and Spore.

Despite its whimsical touches, notably original format, near-uniqueness, place in electronic game history, and multi-player capability, M.U.L.E. does have its flaws, perhaps the most significant of which is that it is simply dull. Even for those brainy, one-dimensional, no-frills players for whom this sort of game appeals, M.U.L.E. runs the risk of growing stagnant and basically unexciting, not to mention how utterly unappealing it can be for mainstream gamers, despite its fairly intuitive interface. This intergalactic colonial quest mines three stars out of five from the Irata mountain range.

Circuit City Bankruptcy No Surprise to Current and Past Employees

For several years now, Circuit City has been bordering on the edge of bankruptcy. They have consulted with private buyers to look at buy-out opportunities. They have thought about breaking Circuit City apart from Fire Dog to help increase revenue to one line. They have laid off thousands of employees and even shut down stores in markets across the country. As of last week, they had shut down more than 700 stores across the country so that they only had stores open in 12 markets. The Circuit City Bankruptcy seemed inevitable. With the present employees, the interest of the past employees will be considered through the bankruptcy attorney san diego. The providing of the services should be in the favor of the employees. 

I live and work in Richmond, Virginia – the capital of Circuit City headquarters. I know at least a dozen people that work or have recently worked for Circuit City. By listening to those friends and watching the news reports, the Circuit City Bankruptcy comes as no surprise to me. I, myself, have contracted with Circuit City on a 6-month project that helped me to understand why Circuit City was not structured to last for long.

As a Circuit City contractor, my job was to write product descriptions for the Web site. To find information for these descriptions, I had to look at product reviews from other sites, such as and at the manufacturer’s Web site. Some product descriptions were easy to write because the information about the product was easy to find. However, other products were tough to find online.

I predicted the Circuit City bankruptcy after only a few weeks as a contractor there. I had about 20 products that needed to be put online immediately, yet I could find no information about them. I contact my supervisor, only to learn that he was no longer my supervisor. I contacted my new supervisor, who had no idea that I was even working for her. For a week, I tried to track down the person that was supposed to manage me and help me find information I needed to no avail. Those product descriptions were never written and the products never made it online. That was during holiday season.

The internal structure at Circuit City was messy, to say the least. Positions changed with no warning. People had no real job descriptions. Even the office space was not quite tied down, as departments were always preparing for a move that would never happen. Was I surprised by the Circuit City Bankruptcy? Not in the least.

For my friends that relied on their jobs at Circuit City, I feel bad for them. This is not, and has not been, an economy for being laid off. Hopefully the experience of working for a company that went bankrupt will help some people understand that job security is hard to find – so save now, be important to your employer, and appreciate each opportunity as it comes. Good luck to all those that have lost jobs because of the Circuit City Bankruptcy.

Americans Face Unprecedented Era of Employment Competition

Joblessness was still big news this week. Recent news showed that some of the largest decreases in joblessness were in the rustbelt of the US. Michigan that led the country in urban joblessness in 2009 led the country in decreases of joblessness. Urban areas in western Michigan showed enormous decreases in joblessness. The city of Detroit led the country in urban joblessness several times in 2009 and in 2010.

Traveling around the country I find it amazing that areas like Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA still have strong manufacturing companies that employ thousands and maintain 20 and 30 year veterans. The rust belt has been hit inordinately hard in the elimination of manufacturing jobs. While newer manufacturing jobs require more schooling and education than past manufacturing jobs, they are still higher paying jobs than service jobs.

Recent moves by large and notable companies to overseas labor markets have made headlines all over the world. Many Americans feel that our era of mass employment and an emerging middle class is over. This is folly. The manufacturing sector of the United States has lost more than 20% of its base since the Reagan era. These jobs had a unique function of bringing the American dream to uneducated workers. That put the American dream within reach for millions of people. This special function of manufacturing helped create the robust middle class that America became famous for. To find the potential in the country, there will be hiring of the local hrms for singapore employees. There will be boost in the business and economy on hiring of the local employees. 

Today things have changed. China has a robust and emerging middle class. The image presented to Americans is that our wealth has been transferred. Some suppose this is because of the NAFTA treaty that eliminated trade barriers. Globalization of the United States’ economy has had unforeseen consequences. For manufacturers it cheapened the cost of labor but it led to a wealth transfer into other parts of the world. Recent overtures by the President and an emphasis on education seems to attempt to justify the cost of American resources. Today, Chinese and Indian human resources hold jobs in the United States via the internet. Virtually no statistics exist for these types of jobs. It seems our statistical tools are designed to measure jobs that physically migrated to China or India, but virtually no statistics exist for jobs that are still in the United States but are performed remotely. Remote controlled jobs in the American economy are a relative mystery. How many statistical analysis jobs, medical jobs and information technology jobs are listed as being in the United States but are actually performed by people in other countries who then receive the financial income? American jobs performed by people abroad using computers are rarely even mentioned in our media or analysis, but these are very real consequences of highly educated employment competition from abroad.

Americans are facing an era of job competition they’ve never seen before. The only way to get past this period is to create more opportunities for Americans to become employed. Our economy has to outperform previous losses. We know our people have talent, and we have to decide to protect our markets and bring wealth home. That’s the basic truth.

5 Things Parents Will Need When Buying Their Child a New Laptop

Nowadays children need computers for just about everything; including homework, school work and recreation. A laptop usually suits a child just fine, but oftentimes there are things well-meaning parents forget when buying a new laptop for their child.


I work at an electronics store where parents come and buy their children laptops on a daily basis. When parents want to buy a new laptop for their child they usually say things like “well, this laptop is only for a child” and will opt for the lowest priced laptop in stock. What parents don’t realize is that children (ages 7-18) will use computers more than adults and will need more advanced computers than they thing. If parents are planning to buy a laptop for their child that will last the next 4-5 years, it only makes sense to buy a laptop that will stand the test of time.


When parents buy their child a laptop, it’s usually for homework or school related tasks. It’s often assumed that the necessary software to get school tasks done will be preinstalled on today’s laptop; but that isn’t true. Microsoft Office, games, antivirus and other software your child will likely need (and want) will need to be purchased with the laptop in order to have everything your child needs.


Laptops cases, mice, cables, software, and other accessories will be needed when you buy your child a laptop. Parents will often buy a laptop by itself and feel that they’ve got everything their children will need to get their work done. Without a laptop case, how will your child carry their laptop? By hand? Accessories are very important and are available at computer store for your child’s benefit.


You’ve bought things for your children before and you know that they just love breaking things you’ve spent your hard earned money one. You don’t want to make their laptop another one of those broken gadgets, so it would be best to purchase some sort of extended or in-store warranty to make sure your child’s computer is protected once they break it. You certainly don’t want to go back and forth to laptop and computer repair just to fix your kid’s laptop every time it gest broken. Make sure to invest your money on quality devices made from durable materials. Always choose a device that can last for years.

The Child

I always see parents when they come in to buy their child a laptop, but they always forget to bring something that’s very important – the child. Your child will own this laptop for the next 4-5 years (if they’re careful) and it’s best to get their say-so on the laptop they’ll have for all those years. No matter how much you think you know; your children know what better fits their needs more than you. Most parents don’t go shoe shopping for their child without bringing their children, so wouldn’t it make sense to have them with you when you buy them a new laptop computer?

– To read more about wacky laptop facts, check out 5 Assumptions Parents Make when Buying a Laptop for Their Child, 5 Reasons to Keep Your Children Off of Your New Laptop and Reasons to Ban Every Kid from All Electronics Stores.

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