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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Not My Solution

Manufacturers, environmentalists and certain members of Congress are aggressively campaigning nationwide to adopt an energy-saving lighting standard that will be made into law and require us to replace our standard incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient products like CFLs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs require only 25% of the energy that a comparable incandescent light bulb uses to generate the same amount of light output and CFLs last six to 10 times longer. Because CFLs are more energy efficient, these groups claim we will save billions of dollars in electricity costs and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and mercury from coal-fired power plants.

How exactly does replacing my incandescent light bulbs with a product that is eight to 12 times more expensive and fits into only 6% of the appliances and fixtures that I already own, and will therefore have to replace, save me money? This is naïve thinking as it assumes that once we all make this product changeover we will continue to use our electricity in the same way as before and it assumes that we all get our electricity from coal-fired power plants. With a signup at, the person will get all the required information about the product. A budget can be prepared through the person to spend money at the products. The use of electricity with the products will be great to meet the requirements. 

We are a country of energy consumers notorious for exploiting our efficiency dividend in the most uneconomical ways. Take for example our homes, appliances and vehicles. Once we figured out how to make all of these items more energy efficient we built bigger homes, filled them with more appliances and built larger, heavier more powerful vehicles. This behavior literally wiped out all the economical benefits of the improved energy efficiency and these products all cost more money to purchase and maintain! There is no reason to believe that by simply replacing our incandescent light bulbs with CFLs we will be better stewards of our energy-in fact, our history suggests otherwise.

Also, in Idaho we get about 70% of our household electricity from hydroelectric power plants. We don’t have coal-fired power plants in our state. Not only is our energy clean, it is also inexpensive as our residential electricity rates are fully one-third less than the national average. During periods of peak power demand we do purchase power from nearby states that generate electricity from coal which causes environmental problems for them. So I agree, we should reduce our dependency on those plants-and in fact, we may be forced to. Those plants will always operate at full capacity regardless of any attempt we make to conserve energy and eventually those states will fall under some form of carbon regulation or mandates to use alternative forms of energy raising the price of their power. Investing in CFLs, new appliances and fixtures coupled with an increase in electricity rates will become expensive, and this is the point when we will actually be forced to conserve energy. Also, CFLs are a serious waste problem. They contain mercury, which is one of the pollutants we are trying to mitigate and would require a specialized recycling program to dispose of them, not to mention education and compliance of the consumer. Perhaps there is a more prudent way to invest our conservation and clean energy dollars?

I believe developing other forms of energy like wind, solar and alternative fuels is one place to start. Purchasing energy-efficient products before we settle on how we acquire and generate our energy is putting the cart before the horse. Once we develop new energy sources, corporations will be forced to develop suitable energy-efficient products that are more affordable. Spending money now on products like CFLs will only delay the development of future energy-efficient products and benefits very few.

The big push for CFLs is not about saving money or saving the planet but about the people they are most likely to benefit. Obviously the product manufacturers stand to benefit the most as do politicians who are looking for an energy policy platform that will both help them get elected and serve their corporate partners. Environmentalists believe this product is one step toward energy efficiency. But I don’t believe CFLs are the answer and I would like to see our money and effort used as prudently as possible.

Top Ways a Designer Fireplace Improves Your Life

Gone are the days when the fireplaces were installed just for the warmth. Today, people are choosing to install designer fireplaces to not only feel cozy and warm in their home but also to make their home look modern, contemporary, and add a flair of elegance in the space.

Here we would discuss why you should consider having a designer fireplace installed in your home

  • A designer fireplace not only stands out but aligns well with the rest of the décor of your home. There are many different types of designer fireplaces with different features, designs, and styles available. Choose what appeals to you and goes well with your home.
  • Many of the modern gas-operated designer fireplaces are easy to maintain and operate. Just press a switch or use a remote, and it starts working. Rest assured, designer fireplaces won’t make you work hard for it these days, thanks to modern innovations.
  • The designer fireplaces look like a piece of art these days. Instead of removing a fireplace from home to install artwork, make the fireplace look like a piece of art. With a designer fireplace, it is easily possible. The modern designs available these days are not only highly creative and innovative, but they also look stunning and beautiful.

If you want to make a positive shift to the aesthetic appeal of your home, installing a designer fireplace would be a good idea.

Rest assured, you choose correctly after going through various designs available these days and check the features before going ahead.

How to Speed Clean Your House with These Time Saving Tips

When I was in my 20s, I cleaned house for a living. With time and practice, I developed all sorts of tricks for speed cleaning which I still use today when it comes to cleaning my own house.

One very obvious tip that few people use is to assemble a tote of cleaning supplies, brushes, and dry rags that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice. With a tote, you can jump to work immediately instead of wasting valuable time hunting down cleansers and other cleaning aids. Here’s some other time saving tips that can help you speed up the task of cleaning your home.

Scrub the shower  amp; tub areas just after bathing. One thing I discovered about cleaning a shower and tub is that it’s tough to do a thorough job without getting water on the floor and totally wet yourself. One super simple tip is to scrub the tub/shower right after bathing while you are still nude and in the shower. Cleaning a shower from the inside is much faster than trying to clean it from the outside — and without having to worry about getting your clothes wet, you can cut down the scrubbing time to just a couple of minutes.

Vacuum before mopping. With hardwood floors in the main parts of the house and Marmoleum in the bath  amp; kitchen areas, I spend a lot of time mopping. Before hauling out the mops however, I always vacuum the floors and baseboards first to remove hair, dust, lint, and grit that can dirty up the mop heads and mop water. Vacuuming first cuts mopping time down to just a few minutes per room.

Keep a rag  amp; spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner beneath kitchen  amp; bathroom sinks. Dirty sinks, faucets and countertops are what drop-in guests notice when they walk into a bathroom or kitchen. Storing rags  amp; spray cleaner beneath each sink in the house means you can shine up these areas in 30 seconds.

This is an excellent way to get rid of the dirt and stains in the sink for that is the place where most of the bacteria starts accumulating due to leftover food particles and you can do yourself a favor and visit website online regarding speed cleaners for help.

Load as you go. I’m one of the few people I know that utilize the “load as you go” philosophy of cleaning. “Load as you go” means completing a specific task now instead of setting it aside for later. This cuts handling time and will keep your house neater too. Examples:

–Loading dinner dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of stacking on the counter

–Placing dirty pots, pans, and casseroles into a sink to soak instead of setting aside

–Sorting through mail while standing near the paper shredder

–Loading wet towels, floor mats, kitchen and table linens directly into the washing machine until there’s enough to do a full load

–Throwing out trash as it’s generated

–Folding laundry as it’s pulled off the clothes line or out of the dryer

–Picking up an armload of clutter when passing through a room

Cleaning the house really doesn’t have to be some huge, tiresome ordeal. To speed up cleaning chores, presetting the task  amp; consolidating the work seems to be the magic formula for finishing the job quickly.

What You Need to Know About Moving

It could be your first time moving out of your parent’s house or your fiftieth move, but there is one thing that never changes; you will need to pack a truck. This is where a lot of people go wrong no matter how many times they have moved.

The Truck:

The first place that someone can go wrong is the moving van they rent. Bigger is not always better, in fact bigger is badder in this case (forgive the poor English). The worst thing a person can do is go out and rent the biggest van possible. You really do want a tight fit in that van, the less space there is the less your precious cargo can shift during driving.

Packing Material:

After getting the proper sized truck one will want to get the proper packing supplies. Most moving companies will gladly sell moving boxes and blankets at a ridiculous price. To beat them on the box charge, ask around stores in your area ( I prefer Wal-Mart and fast food restaurants) and see if you can carry away some of their trash boxes. If you just need to have your own, fresh boxes you can go online and find a wholesaler who will sell you boxes at a reduced rate. As for packing blankets, see if you can rent instead of purchasing them from a moving company. Or, you can use old comforters for packing blankets. For the correct information about edmonton movers, a visit can be made at the official website to get the benefit. The moving hiring companies will offer the desired benefits to the person. The rates will be less and impressive for the person.

Box Packing:

Go light when you are packing up the boxes. Because they are more or less a uniform shape, you can fit a lot of boxes in a van and there is no reason to over pack them. The only thing that gets accomplished by over packing boxes is the mover has to lift more weight and gets worn out faster.

Van Packing:

If there is one area where movers mess up more than any other it is packing up the moving van. Put heavy items (dressers, entertainment systems, couches) in the very back of the van, or right against the cab. This way if you slam on the brakes all the heavy furniture will stay in place instead of sliding and crushing the other items in the truck. Now place all the other, lighter items in the truck and make sure that they are secured. Securing the items is one of the most important steps. Use good rope, use lots of it, tie down everything possible and then tie it down again.

The Time:

If you have the luxury of deciding what time of the year you move choose either Spring or Fall. In the summer things get real hot real fast, and the back of a moving van can get to well over a hundred degrees sitting in the sun. And there reverse is true in winter, nobody wants to be slipping on ice while moving into a new house.

Financing a Home: It Ain’t Easy Anymore

I don’t think that there’s a person in America that didn’t expected that lenders were going to be stricter than ever after the collapse of the real estate market. I certainly expected that my first home purchase after the fall of the sub-prime lending industry wouldn’t be pleasant to say the least. I expected the home buyer’s version of the Spanish Inquisition as the equivalent process of what I’d have to endure to get a loan approved, so I was basically ready for anything. Here’s what I went through.


Prior to the collapse of the real estate market, I had no reservations about going to a bank to borrow money. After all, I had done it a few times and had sufficient collateral to insure that not only would I get approved, but I get a favorable rate and terms. Going into this purchase, I wasn’t so sure. I started by doing the first thing that any home buyer should do, I pulled all three versions of my credit to insure that there were no surprises and in fact there was. I made sure that I had sufficient documentation to justify the blemish on my report in the form documentation from the creditor. I made sure that there wasn’t a simple piece of documentation that I wasn’t missing and felt that this was the most prepared that I had ever been going into a home purchase.

The Process

After going through all the documentation and preparation I found that I would still be in awe of the new process for loan approval. The first shock in the process was when I found that there were more mortgage fees than before. The fees came to the tune of a couple thousand dollars. The second shock was lot bigger and hit like a ton of bricks. Even though I had a great credit score and the only blemish on my credit was easily explainable, each of the three potential lenders wanted a very large down payment. Being an investor, I had heard the 10% line before, but now I was hearing a consistent 15% – 20%. Having a great credit rating, I was in absolute shock. The third thing I was not prepared for was the credit and financial scrutiny. I provided far more documentation than was ever requested before and each item was examined with forensic accuracy.


After weeks of examinations into my financial background that were so thorough that I’m certain that the financial misfortunes of my ancestors were revealed, I was finally approved. After going through the process I can give this advice to potential home buyers. Make sure that your credit is in tip top shape. If it isn’t wait a while and clean it up. Good deals will still be out there. Most importantly, you’ll need to make sure that you have a large down payment. You may also seek financial assistance from reliable loan agencies like Majestic Lake Financial. Unlike banks, they give their loan applicants higher chance of getting approved so they can finally pursue their dream of having their own house. Get to know more at Majestic Lake Financial.

Debt Free Life- Peace And Tranquility In The Bargain

How is it possible to lead a peaceful life without any tension or stress? It isn’t that easy now in the current times but it is no rocket science either if you know how to play your cards.

It is a universally popular opinion that he who has settled all his debts in life where he has nothing more to own from anybody is the happiest person in the world and many people want to come into this category with very few managing it.

Owning a debt to anyone is perhaps the biggest burden in the world that the sooner you get free of it the better it is not only for you but your near and dear ones as well which is why one should avoid it as much as possible.

Tips for Clearance

In order to avoid any kind of debt problem, you need to make sure that you are financially well off and are in a position to repay it back on the due date otherwise the repercussions are going to be severe where the creditors will start hounding you from all the time and there have cases where people have been forced to commit suicide.

Some important credit repair tips are as follows:

  • The first step is to get rid of your credit card as once the debts mount, it becomes difficult to repay the bills so do the needy as early as possible
  • Before entering into a new one, clear off all the previous debts so that the quick credit repair companies don’t start hounding early on
  • Learn to differentiate between smart and dumb debt because most people end up with nothing when it comes to the latter while the former will leave you with a valuable asset that would help you repay a loan

Unused Gift Cards – Strategies, Suggestions

Gift card purchases exceeded $65 billion in 2008. Two-thirds of consumers bought a gift card this season, and statistics show that 10 percent of the gift cards bought will go unredeemed.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the money left on your unredeemed gift cards? You know the ones. The gift cards you got for your birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas or just because. The gift card was a gift and you wanted to use it, but somehow you never got around to spending it. Some time has passed and you are wondering where that money is now.

An unredeemed gift card will remain a liability on the company’s balance sheet. That liability is erased and revenue recorded when the card either expires or has a zero balance.

However, some states have passed legislation that would let them confiscate credit from unclaimed gift cards considering them abandoned property. An estimated 25 states are claiming unused gift cards after two to five years. With the recession and some states’ budgets in the red, this gives them a source of revenue. This is not making the retailer happy as they are against states confiscating unused gift cards as though they were abandoned money.

So, what do you do with your gift card when you have not used all of it, and you want to keep control? Not all is lost. There are several options. You can regift it. You can sell or trade it. You can use it as a simple Cadeau meisje 3 jaar or you can make a cute letter for your loved ones using this. There are several ways on how you can reuse your gift card so you can save a lot of money. Listed here are a few suggestions so your unredeemed gift cards will not go to waste.

First, check your keuze helper gift card’s expiration date if there is one. If it has not expired, there are some things you can do.

You can donate your unused gift card to a charity by mailing it to a charity of your choice along with a note telling them how pleased you are with the work they are doing. If a charity of your choice doesn’t come to mind, you can let donate your gift card for you. You can choose from a list of charities on their Web site.    You can get cash for gift cards at They will buy your card from you for 60% to 70% of its face value. They have 500 locations where you can take your card in for cash. They will buy it from you on the spot if the balance on your gift card is between $25.00 and $200.00 (without a pending expiration), and the card merchant appears on their preferred merchants list. You can find a list of their locations on their website. buys and sells gift cards for 60% to 80% of their value provided your card is on their preferred list. They will pay only for cards that do not expire. Listing cards for sale or swapping is FREE! A fee of $3.99 per card is charged only when the cards sell or swap.    Then, there is always eBay and Craigslist. You would need to check their rules for selling gift cards.  Overall, the best way to keep from losing the value on your card is to spend it.

Tips For Shopping For Inexpensive Car Parts And Accessories

Buying and maintaining a vehicle can be very expensive. Do you know what else is expensive? Purchasing car parts and accessories. Genuine car parts and accessories can hurt your wallet. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to purchase cheap car accessories. If you are looking for the best drill bit for porcelain tiles, please refer here  Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Shop online

Doing your shopping in online stores is a great way to find out which store is offering the best car parts deals. Shopping online will allow you to compare prices of a wide variety of car accessories stores out there. Of course, you can purchase on a physical store after doing your research online, but still, using the internet sites of car parts stores will give you a lot of advantages.

  1. Buy only the features that you need

NFC enabled car accessories can be really techy, however, will you actually use it? Sometimes, the price of car parts and accessories is boosted with high-end features that people barely use anyway. Before buying an expensive part or accessory with a lot of features, consider if you are going to use or benefit from them in the first place. After all, no matter how expensive the accessories in your car is, they will just serve as decoration if they are not going to benefit your driving experience that much.

  1. Buy secondhand

You need to be careful when buying secondhand car parts, as you might get defective or faulty items. However if done right, you will save a lot of money this way. There are a lot of cheap but effective items in the secondhand car accessories market, which will mean a lot if you are tight on cash.

Make Money Online With Textbroker

What is Textbroker?

If you enjoy writing and would like to make real cash online writing web articles, then Textbroker is a great service to consider. It is very simple and easy to use and there is no limit on how much cash you can make. It all depends on how much effort you put into writing articles on the site. (This is not an affiliate marketing or incentive website.)

How it Works

First of all, you have to sign up. You can do that here, Once you have signed up and have given valid information to the site, you are required to write a short sample article based on one of the subjects provided by Textbroker. They use this article to analyze your skills as an author and give you a rating from 2-5. A rating of 1 does not exist and anyone that doesn’t qualify for a rating of 2-5 will be rejected. You will get an email within one week from a Textbroker staff member, letting you know whether or not you have qualified. If you are accepted then you can begin writing articles and making cash right away.

You are given a list of all available open assignments and can accept any of them that are within the rating level given to you by Textbroker. The higher the level requirement of the assignment the more cash you can make. After you have submitted an article you must wait for the client to either accept, reject or ask for a revision of the assignment. Once an article is accepted, you are credited with your payment to your account on the site. (More on cashing out later.)

You will periodically receive e-mails from Textbroker staff with ratings and tips on how to improve your articles. Your 5 most recent article ratings are averaged together for your author rating. As mentioned before, the higher your rating the more money you can make by writing articles that require a higher level of writing skill. Although level 5 freelancers are rare, they can average on $25 for an article.

Cashing Out to Your Paypal Account.

There has to be a minimum of $10 in your Textbroker account before you can cash out to your Paypal account.

You also have to fill out a W-9 IRS form that is provided as a PDF download from the site and fax it to Textbroker.

After they have received and processed the form, you can immediately begin cashing out.

Hints and Tips for New Freelancers

Don’t expect to make any cash if you write articles the same way you chat with your buddies on Facebook, or through emails. The editors that email you tips on the site know what they’re doing. Consider their tips and constructive criticism and don’t get angry with them. They are trying to help you. Also, don’t rely on spellchecker alone; It’s not an English teacher. Take the time to look up information about proper grammar and use a thesaurus.

Do your research read FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review, and check out any many resources as you can. Many authors write on topics they know absolutely nothing about, but their articles are accepted and get great ratings. Why? Because they do their research. Be sure to follow the client’s instructions Precisely.

Why instagram is so Popular

It’s been a typical day for you. You get home from work, school, running errands, or whatever you happen to be doing that day. You sit down at your computer and log onto instagram. In the corner you see it. You have a new friend request. Curious, you click on the words. Its nothing new. You get friend requests all the time, but this one is different. It’s… your mother!

No, this is not some kind of joke, and yes, it’s also perfectly legal. These days, anyone can get instagram. Your nine year old little brother can get it and your ninety year old grandpa can get it. Its time to accept the reality: Your mother is on instagram and wants to be your friend. instagram is evolving, and its not just for college students anymore. Instagram Private Profile will be the reason behind the popularity of the social networking site. The attraction of the customers will be large when there will be private option available with the account. Everything will be new and exciting at the social site like Instagram with affordable rates with less efforts.

When instagram was in its younger days, it was a convenient way for young adults to stay in touch with old classmates. It also served as a way to meet new people. It made friendships easier because users could keep in touch with old friends, and at the same time, establish new ones. Eventually, the network expanded, making instagram available to anyone. It was still mainly high-schoolers, college students and other young adults at first. How and when exactly the older generations caught on is anyone’s guess.

There are probably many parents out there who are guilty of sneaking into their kid’s accounts, whether they want to admit it or not. They want to see what their kids are doing when parents aren’t around, make sure they are doing what they say they are doing, or they might be just plain curious. When it comes to technology, parents are not always as ignorant as their kids might like to think. Once someone explores instagram and gets the hang of it, they may find it’s actually pretty simple. They may even find they like it. They may decide it’s something they would really like to have. Then they tell their friends about it, who tell their friends and before you know it, instagram is open to a whole other generation. There could be a number of ways instagram has attracted older(and sometimes younger)audiences. It’s not like it’s some huge secret. instagram is talked about on T.V., in the streets, in schools, in the office, and even in church. It’s everywhere. None of that really matters though. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, professors, pastors, and yes, even future employers have discovered the world of instagram and they are not leaving anytime soon.

What does everyone find so appealing about instagram anyway? Well, like young adults, older adults have found it’s also kind of fun for them to re-unite with old high school or college classmates. Families can share pictures of kids and vacations. instagram can provide senior citizens with a way to keep from going stir-crazy if they live alone or are confined to their houses. Families can plan events. They can even chat on-line, which could greatly reduce phone bills. You may not get most of the older users to admit it, but they also really love the games. Above all, instagram is interesting and entertaining. You can write about what’s new in your life and be a little nosy and see what everyone else is up to. You can design your profile to be completely unique and representative of you. With all the features of instagram, it’s no wonder everyone loves it. Now even your mom has made the discovery.

As you can see, there’s really no reason to panic if your mom wants to friend you. In this day and age, it’s perfectly normal. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be friends, though. If you are close to your mom and have a decent relationship, why not be friends? On the other hand, if there’s a part of your life you don’t care to share with your mom and all her friends, you may want to think about that decision. If networking with the older generations could cause turbulence in relationships, whether it be your mother, professor, neighbor, or colleagues, its probably best to not include them in your social network.

instagram is a place where you can share a part of yourself. If you are an adult, you make your own decisions and should feel free to express yourself. It’s also extremely important to remember that this is the Internet and some restraint is important. What you post on face book has the possibility of being seen by anyone and everyone. Just remember to keep in mind: Even if your college buddies thought those pictures of you were hilarious, your new boss may see it differently.

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