Why instagram is so Popular

Why instagram is so Popular

It’s been a typical day for you. You get home from work, school, running errands, or whatever you happen to be doing that day. You sit down at your computer and log onto instagram. In the corner you see it. You have a new friend request. Curious, you click on the words. Its nothing new. You get friend requests all the time, but this one is different. It’s… your mother!

No, this is not some kind of joke, and yes, it’s also perfectly legal. These days, anyone can get instagram. Your nine year old little brother can get it and your ninety year old grandpa can get it. Its time to accept the reality: Your mother is on instagram and wants to be your friend. instagram is evolving, and its not just for college students anymore. Instagram Private Profile will be the reason behind the popularity of the social networking site. The attraction of the customers will be large when there will be private option available with the account. Everything will be new and exciting at the social site like Instagram with affordable rates with less efforts.

When instagram was in its younger days, it was a convenient way for young adults to stay in touch with old classmates. It also served as a way to meet new people. It made friendships easier because users could keep in touch with old friends, and at the same time, establish new ones. Eventually, the network expanded, making instagram available to anyone. It was still mainly high-schoolers, college students and other young adults at first. How and when exactly the older generations caught on is anyone’s guess.

There are probably many parents out there who are guilty of sneaking into their kid’s accounts, whether they want to admit it or not. They want to see what their kids are doing when parents aren’t around, make sure they are doing what they say they are doing, or they might be just plain curious. When it comes to technology, parents are not always as ignorant as their kids might like to think. Once someone explores instagram and gets the hang of it, they may find it’s actually pretty simple. They may even find they like it. They may decide it’s something they would really like to have. Then they tell their friends about it, who tell their friends and before you know it, instagram is open to a whole other generation. There could be a number of ways instagram has attracted older(and sometimes younger)audiences. It’s not like it’s some huge secret. instagram is talked about on T.V., in the streets, in schools, in the office, and even in church. It’s everywhere. None of that really matters though. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, professors, pastors, and yes, even future employers have discovered the world of instagram and they are not leaving anytime soon.

What does everyone find so appealing about instagram anyway? Well, like young adults, older adults have found it’s also kind of fun for them to re-unite with old high school or college classmates. Families can share pictures of kids and vacations. instagram can provide senior citizens with a way to keep from going stir-crazy if they live alone or are confined to their houses. Families can plan events. They can even chat on-line, which could greatly reduce phone bills. You may not get most of the older users to admit it, but they also really love the games. Above all, instagram is interesting and entertaining. You can write about what’s new in your life and be a little nosy and see what everyone else is up to. You can design your profile to be completely unique and representative of you. With all the features of instagram, it’s no wonder everyone loves it. Now even your mom has made the discovery.

As you can see, there’s really no reason to panic if your mom wants to friend you. In this day and age, it’s perfectly normal. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be friends, though. If you are close to your mom and have a decent relationship, why not be friends? On the other hand, if there’s a part of your life you don’t care to share with your mom and all her friends, you may want to think about that decision. If networking with the older generations could cause turbulence in relationships, whether it be your mother, professor, neighbor, or colleagues, its probably best to not include them in your social network.

instagram is a place where you can share a part of yourself. If you are an adult, you make your own decisions and should feel free to express yourself. It’s also extremely important to remember that this is the Internet and some restraint is important. What you post on face book has the possibility of being seen by anyone and everyone. Just remember to keep in mind: Even if your college buddies thought those pictures of you were hilarious, your new boss may see it differently.

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