Why I Invested In Microcoin MRC

Why I Invested In Microcoin MRC

Since I went against my gut feeling and didn’t invest in Auroracoin when it was $15 apiece (now it is $70) I was feeling a bit on tilt. As I scanned Coinmarketcap this morning, looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in, I ran across microCoin (MRC) and wanted to know what separates this coin from the thousand other altcoins on the market. To me, the most intriguing aspect of microCoin is that it offers almost instantaneous transactions. MicroCoin is also miner-friendly and isn’t pre-mined or unstained making it a clear favorite for those who are looking for a coin that offers some protection against a premeditated dump.

As I transferred my BTC into mintpal.com, one of the three exchanges where microCoin can be purchased, the familiar feeling of nervousness passed over me while waiting for my BTC to clear. I began to ponder the future of bitcoin. How can everyday transactions ever be performed at the tortoise pace of BTC transfers when multiple confirmations are involved? Would my BTC ever move from the pending column and into my available balance? Could microCoin be the cryptocurrency of the future simply by eliminating this torturous transaction period?

MicroCoin is an attractive option for both web front storeowners and brick and mortar store owners alike, as many are going to be willing to accept a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that is processed instantly. Speculators, such as myself are placing bets on the premise that microCoin is going to be adopted by store owners worldwide. Business owners who want to accept microCoin payments can go to the microCoin website for more information.

MicroCoin offers miners fluctuating block rewards, which adjust to the supply and demand of the market. MicroCoin uses a scrypt-jane with a variable factor, meaning that it isn’t ASIC or FPGA mineable. This will keep the power in the hands of your average miner, as they won’t have to compete with these big rigs. Miners who are looking to put their CPU or GPU to work should consider what micro coin offers them.

Those who are looking to move MRC around and want to play some poker can do so. While this is probably not the best way to earn more MRC, the option is there for those who won’t show off their skill. Those who believe that microCoin has a profitable future should either mine it or purchase it now and then encourage merchants to begin accepting it.

I purchased 8 million MRC at 0.00000004 BTC apiece. Will it go up or down, who knows, but I believe that the nearly immediate transactions offered by microCoin will pique the interest of those in the cryptocurrency community. At this point, holding MRC is like holding pocket 2s. Sure it can win, but at best, it is a 66% favorite. It feels good to make a little bet on microCoin, put my sunglasses on, sit back in my chair, and wait to see what happens.

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