What, When And Where To Feed Your Dog

What, When And Where To Feed Your Dog

What Should You Know About Feeding Your Dog? All dogs are not created equal. Match your dog food choices to your dog’s needs. How much should I feed my dog?

Your dog’s energy requirements are largely based on his weight and activity level. Check the package and follow instructions carefully. If you feed your dog twice a day, divide the daily requirement by two to get the proper feeding amount  


What should I feed my dog? 


A puppy’s diet should take into account her need for extra nutrients. Avoid enthusiastically overfeeding your pup; follow the directions on bags or cans of trusted puppy food manufacturers. Some breeds are prone to obesity; overfeeding at an early age will have a long-term effect.

It becomes difficult to manage such breed of dogs that gain weight within a short span of time despite not eating that much and that’s maybe in their genes or a hereditary condition of their ancestors which is why most people prefer Labrador, German shepherd and their ilk due to their huge size and the fact that they are slim and quick aside from being intelligent even though Japan has a Shiba Inu for sale offer where they think on similar lines.

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All dogs are not created equal. Match your dog food choices to your dog’s needs.

Feeding Your Dog:

What, when, where, and how should I feed my dog (I already know why)?

Get some plain English explanations for what’s in dog food and what pet food labels really tell you.

When does my dog need special meals, and might I be taking this too far?

Adult dogs

Adult dogs need no exceptional diet. Major dog food brands are dependable and have all the nutrients your beloved pooch needs. Adjust quanity fed to keep your dog at the proper weight. Think thinner, not plump!

Older dogs

Generally after age 7, older dogs may benefit from foods specially designed for aging dogs. While some dogs may have failing appetites, others may be prone to obesity because they get less exercise. Follow our link if you think your dog is overweight.

Performance Dogs 

Hunting dogs, racing dogs, guide dogs, and police dogs are all examples of performance dogs. Clearly, they require extra energy from their diets because of both physical exertion and high stress.The professionals who work with them are usually well informed about dietary options for these special canines (a high energy, high fat diet is the general rule). 

Pregnant Dogs

Pregnant and lactating bitches undoubtedly need extra energy in their diets. Malnourishment is bad for your bitch and her puppies; follow feeding directions carefully to make sure she has the energy she needs to supply milk for her litter. A nursing mother dog is really a performance dog with respect to her energy needs.  

When should I feed my Buddy? 

In reality, the routine should suit your lifestyle. If your dog is left alone a lot and your comings and goings are random, you might start out with free choice feeding where you dump a whole day’s food in the bowl and let him eat when he’s hungry. If you like routines and you’re used to feeding once or twice a day, we haven’t seen any evidence that one way or another is any better. Is raw hamburger good for my dog? Will he die if he eats chocolate? Click here to find out! Questions or comments? Please contact our

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