What Paint Supplies Do I Need

What Paint Supplies Do I Need

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to paint your entire house or just a single wall; the fact is that you will need a few basic paint supplies to do that. If you want to know what the absolute essentials are for a paint job, read on this list provided by some of the best east London painters in London.

  • Paintbrushes

It’s quite obvious that you just cannot do without these! But which one do you choose? Paintbrushes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, bristle-types, and angles, and choosing one is a difficult task. If you are using water-based paints, an angled 2” Nylon/Polyester brush is a good idea. You can do almost all the interior paint jobs of your house with these. For narrow woodwork painting, use a slightly narrower brush of the same type. If you will be using oil-based paint, synthetic paintbrushes are a better idea. Buy a professional-quality paintbrush that may cost you a little more but will guarantee a better paint.

  • Rollers

Though there is a wide selection of rollers available, a basic type that will let you do almost all kinds of paint jobs and is an integral part of your paint supplies would be a simple cage and handle roller with an extension. With the extension, reaching the ceiling and higher areas will be easy and you won’t even need a ladder. A standard 3/8” nap roller is a good idea.

  • Ladder

If you are planning to paint your house, one of the most important paint supplies you got to invest in is a ladder. Buy a sturdy good quality ladder. It is important that you always keep in mind the manufacturer’s instructions while using a ladder because you wouldn’t want to end up at the hospital with a fracture!

  • Painter’s tape

Painter’s tape is required for protecting ceilings, woodwork, and adjoining walls and a basic 2-inch tape is a good idea. Do not substitute painter’s tape with duct tape, cello tape, or any other sort of tape as they may cause damage to your house.

  • Drop cloths

There are a variety of drop clothes you can choose from canvas, cotton, plastic, and paper. Canvas is the best and the most expensive and professional painters use them. But since you are painting your home, a cotton drop cloth works the best.

  • Paint can opener

This is so simple and yet most people forget to buy one. You can easily open cans of paint with one of these.

  • Roller pan and liner

Buying one of these may seem unimportant, but you need these to load your rollers. Otherwise, you will have to keep the rollers lying on the floor which will make cleaning up a mess.

  • Paint mixing tools

Don’t like the shade the paint company sells? Worry not, because now you can mix paints to create a color that is unique! For this, you will need a mixing tool.

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