Try This Fun Dog Chase Game At Home Using A Pole Lure

Try This Fun Dog Chase Game At Home Using A Pole Lure

Not all dogs care about chasing balls. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like to chase. Many dogs who aren’t excited by thrown balls go berserk when they play with a pole lure toy. This is the same toy that young racing Greyhounds play with to introduce them to racing. Sighthounds and terriers seem to especially like playing with pole lures. It’s a great way to give your dog a backyard workout, but don’t overdo it.

Not surprisingly, to make a pole lure you will need a pole and a lure. The pole can be any lightweight pole about four to eight feet long. Bamboo fishing poles work well. Even better than a pole is a long horse lunging whip; it adds a springing action that makes the game much more lively. The lure can be a stuffed toy, soft rag, plastic garbage bag or piece of fur. It should be something that the dog can’t get his teeth caught in or his mouth banged by. Tie the lure to the end of the pole with a sturdy string about five feet long. If you’ve bought a horse lunging whip it will often have a long enough piece already attached. The longer your pole and string, the faster it can go, but your string should never be longer than your pole.

Some dogs catch on right away. All you have to do is run around your yard dragging the lure and they will give chase. But most dogs, and many puppies, are more hesitant, and you may need to tease them a bit at first. Place the dog on one side of a fence and play with the lure on the opposite side, going back and forth along the fence. As interest grows, throw the lure over to his side of the fence, letting him catch it occasionally but other times popping it back before he catches it. Don’t make it too easy, but don’t make it impossible.

If your dog still isn’t interested, try changing your lure. White plastic garbage bags are more fun than they sound. They rustle and shimmer and, in fact, they’re the official lure used at sighthound field trials. The ultimate lure is created by adding a “squawker,” ‘which is a rubber contraption that makes the sound of an injured rabbit when the squawker is dragged. A dog need not have ever seen a rabbit in his life to find the sound fascinating. Squawkers, also called predator calls, are available at many hunting supply stores.

Now it’s time to go into the back-yard with your pole lure and dog. The rest is easy: run around the yard and let your dog chase the lure. Warning: It’s easy to overdo it with this game. Be careful not to make your dog cut turns that are too sharp or take high, twisting leaps. Also be careful you don’t inadvertently lure your dog into hitting a tree or other obstacle. You may also give your dog the right cbd for dogs. Surely, your dog will love the taste of the products and he will get lots of health benefits from it.

The pole lure is good for exercising your dog in a confined space. It’s great to take on trips where you don’t have the chance to run your dog. You can keep your dog on a long line and still give him a quick workout. It’s also good to take on trips with dogs who aren’t great about coming when called. Many people carry their pole lures everywhere because dogs who are in the middle of running away will often come running back to chase the lure – especially if a squawker is being used to alert the dog from a distance.

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