Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Check the truth about reviews

Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Check the truth about reviews

Creator of the Truth About Six Pack Abs, Mike Geary, is a guy with a bunch of strange initials after his name: AFAA-CPT, NCSF-CPT… What does this stuff mean? Simply, it means he is a dual certified personal trainer. Also, it means he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the world of fitness and diet.

In his work, Mike has decided to take on all the myths and legends surrounding perhaps the most popular and definitely interesting aspect of fitness: six pack abs.

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In his book, which by the way has been very well received by the muscle building community, Mike presents all the misinformation that is surrounding “six pack” abs.

Along with presenting a solid exercise program, Mike Geary has also included a section of dietary tips. In this part of the book, he discloses a lot of so-called “health foods” as a farce. He maintains that combining good exercises with strong dietary foundations are the real keys to success.

As a personal trainer, Mike has a lot of experience and even a BS degree. Throughout his program, you will notice that he does not advocate sit ups, crunches, or using any abdominal machine. His experience has led him to believe that they are a waste of time. He instead presents a slew of new exercises that claims are much more effective for building nice strong abs.

You should know that his dietary advice leans more towards serious bodybuilders and trainers who want to display their chiseled abs. Although it will definitely help anyone interested in weight loss in general, the targeted audience is the serious bodybuilder.

In this program, Mike’s approach begins with a blast of fat reducing exercises. The goal here is to get rid of the body fat content of those following the regimen closely. Hey, your six pack may already be there, its just hidden under subcutaneous fat. Get rid of the fat and let the six pack show!

Although the program promotes a fair amount of non-traditional exercises that make your body work harder and smarter, working out for longer is not the goal here. Instead of focusing solely on the abdominal muscles, Mike covers whole body exercises that affect the midsection.

After doing some research myself, I have found a number of other websites that link to The Truth About Six Pack Abs‘ home page. I only found positive reviews, nothing derogatory – in fact most of them were extremely complimentary. It seemed that all serious users and graduates of this program reported great results. There were some bodybuilding pros, but most were actually from amateurs.

This means that even though the intended audience of this report may be the serious bodybuilder, many of the actual users are just average folk who want to rock a six pack. Whatever your situation may be, if you stick with it you will benefit from Mike Geary’s program.

Best of all, the exercises do not require any gym membership or expensive supplements. Once you have invested in the book, you only need to invest time in the process. There is even a super low cost trial period available, with guaranteed results if you apply the principles correctly.

Becoming a member on his site opens the door to a bunch of other publications, many of which are free downloads. For example, Mike’s Training and Nutrition Insider: Secrets for a Lean Body is a free 64 page manual with tons of useful information. If you stick with it, you can’t go wrong with the Truth About Six Pack Abs program.

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