Tips Growing Marijuana Indoors Outdoors – Know Them

Tips Growing Marijuana Indoors Outdoors – Know Them

Growing Marijuana can be used as recreational drug and in spiritual or religious rites. From early 20th century, usage and sale of cannabis has been declared illegal in most of the countries. However, recently many countries has been legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes only.

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Marijuana also known as Cannabis is a plant that is used as medicine and a psychoactive drug. It is consumed for its physiological and psychoactive effects which can lead to an increase in appetite, heightened mood, relaxation and euphoria. Side effects include impaired motor skills, anxiety, paranoia, short-term memory loss, reddening of eyes and dry mouth.

States (U.S) Allowing Growing Marijuana:

United States of America sees harvesting marijuana as an illegal act, unless the cultivator is legally authorized by the Federal Government for doing so. Growing marijuana has been legalized in some parts of America for recreational and medical purposes only. Growing license has to be possessed by the farmer in order to cultivated marijuana for medical purposes. States that are legalized to cultivate Cannabis are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Amendments, Washington, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

Do you require a marijuana license to grow it?

The answer to this question is yes, subject to Federal Government of US. In case you lack a license for growing marijuana, you would be immediately arrested and put behind bars. For growing marijuana indoor or growing marijuana outdoors, you need to have an authorized license. State police regularly conducts a survey for licensed cultivators.

How to grow Marijuana indoor?

Before this article goes into further discussion of growing marijuana indoor, you should be aware that growing marijuana at house or in any other place is strictly illegal and subjected to harsh punishment unless you have a legal license. Let’s now move to some tips of cultivating Marijuana indoors.

Research is important and you should utilize every bit of information on growing marijuana. Do some research on growing methods and room designs before you start planting them inside your house?

Now choose an appropriate place to grow. Some great places could be your basement, attics and closets. Make sure the place you have selected has access to electrical outlets.

Lighting is of great essence if you are growing marijuana inside your house. These plants require a lot of sunlight for its growth. So make sure you have enough artificial light to compensate the unavailability of sunlight. Growing marijuana lights can be fluorescent ones or metal halide ones.

Keep in mind that this plant requires other necessities other than sunlight to carry out photosynthesis. You need to provide the right amount of humidity, temperature, water supply, carbon dioxide, etc to ensure that your plant stays healthy.

Cleanliness is important too. Try to keep your room as clean as you can. Dirt and litter can lure pest and spider mites that can destroy your plant. If you pull out dried leaves, get them out of the room as rotting leaves invites pest and other plant destroying insects.

Growing marijuana outdoors:

Growing marijuana outdoors is risky as it is illegal in the eyes of Federal Government. Marijuana plants can adapt themselves to the hardiness and availability of soils at different places. But, these plants require a lot of sunlight and water to grow.

Growing marijuana from seed can be a risky business and that’s why many people go for indoor plantation. Some people may opt their private backyard for growing marijuana, while some can plant them in pots and. Some don’t want trouble in their house, so select a remote place in the suburbs to cultivate cannabis, while some prefer hilly areas for a peaceful cultivation.

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