Tik Tok- New Age Application To Sustain The Entertainment Quotient

Tik Tok- New Age Application To Sustain The Entertainment Quotient

The experts always advice that you should have adequate knowledge about any topic before speaking about it or relaying information to others because people always boast about their credentials in order to make themselves look more important than they really are.

This topic isn’t something that requires extensive research though as almost every person across the globe has relevant knowledge about it and it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons that has earned it a notoriety of sorts.

The tiktok phenomenon is difficult to put forward in words but what is important is that you need to be extremely careful before handling this particular application on your mobile phones due to the repercussions involved.


Tiktok is a social networking services where youngsters can make and post video clips where they can showcase their innate talent of dancing, singing, acting, etc. and it is also viewed as purely for entertainment purposes.

Tiktok app was launched in 2017 by China and it was mainly for revenue purposes that the nation thought of bringing it out on a broader platform per se and soon it became a universal phenomenon with millions of followers in a short span of time.

It eventually over took Dubsmash in the popularity stakes and became a rage with nearly a million people downloading the app within a month of its release that became a record of sorts.

Even today, Google searches are popular with how to download TikTok videos as it has reached an iconic status that has been unprecedented by even its makers which is why they are thinking of venturing more into such applications.

TikTok is at a polarizing phase as of 2020 having equal number of fans and detractors with a slight tilt towards the latter as it has become a virtual threat to the national security of all the countries.

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