Things That You Should Learn About Yoyo Loach 

Things That You Should Learn About Yoyo Loach 

The yoyo Loach is also known as ‘Almora loach’; these fish are colored and bring energy to the tank. They have a very interesting look that can attract many people. These fishes are mainly known for their aggressiveness, but the fact is that they are very peaceful with other species but are aggressive only with their own species.

The yoyo loach tank size should be large because as they get bigger, they need more space. These fishes are largely found in India and Pakistan; these species prefer slow moving water, so they are mostly found in the small pools or the river with most of the rocks.

Some things that you know about the yoyo loach and are as follow-


If you are keeping these fishes in the aquarium, then it is very easy to feed them; they will eat everything that you will put into the tank. You can also feed them some vegetables such as algae wafers so that it can help them in varied their diet.

One thing you should keep in mind that always put their food in different spots every time so that it will add some excitement and some challenge for them to find the food and then eat it.


These fishes face many problems when it comes to disease; it is a very tough time for them. These species are generally very small and thin and catch disease very easily. If your fish is sick, then it is a must for you to put it in a different tank so that other fish will not get infected.

And this will also give space to the sick fish, and it may become healthier than before. These diseases can bring to the tank in many ways. It is very critical to change the water of the tank regularly and fill it with fresh water.

Final Words

Yoyo Loach is a fish that are colorful and are so easy to take care of whether it is about diet or disease, but one thing you should know about these fishes that breeding is very difficult.

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