Smelly Ears? It’s Probably a Pet Ear Infection

Smelly Ears? It’s Probably a Pet Ear Infection

It’s what every prospective dog owner should know. Apart from a daily feeding of nutritious meals, you also need to look after its hygiene and grooming needs, which would involve bathing the canine on a regular basis, and trimming its shaggy mane and nails. Others also take the time to brush their pet’s teeth and sometimes clean its ears. Did I mention cleaning the canine’s ears? You’d probably want to take the ear cleaning routine with your pet seriously or risk the inconveniences of an ear infection.

If you’ve had your dog with you for quite some time now and noticed a stinky smell coming out of an ear, most likely an ear infection is at the onset. Dogs are born with long and narrow ear canals. Thus, it becomes a bit difficult to expel any debris trapped within the confines of the canal. Moreover, a dog’s ear is prone to absorb a tantamount of moisture due to its intricate ear structure and that often leads to the buildup of excessive earwax. When that happens, bacterial and mite infection becomes more likely. A series of bacteria called Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, that is found resistant to most pet antibiotics, is responsible for the stinky ear. It won’t come easy dealing with this strain of bacteria much less find a sustainable cure for your dog’s ear infection.

Despite your good intentions, you can’t fully protect your pets from the onslaught of diseases. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the necessary precautions. Your dog may not fancy getting both ears cleaned from discharges; nevertheless, you need to make cleaning your dog’s ears a regular affair for the sake of your pet’s hygiene and good health. Obtain a generous supply of cotton balls, q-tips, and an earwax solution to help you in this endeavor. But just like doing some hedgehog grooming and handling, you should do it properly. Remember that ears are kind of sensitive and a single mistake might lead to serious problem. 

And just in case the regular ear cleaning routine fails to thwart an ear infectionfrom happening, initially treat the infection with herbal supplements, such as Pet Alive Ear Dr. The formulation of this treatment combines the therapeutic extracts of pertinent herbs to relieve pain and discomforts related to dog-ear infection while operating as an antiseptic that would soothe ear inflammation. Why herbal supplements and not the conventional antibiotics? With herbal treatments you can be assured that its organic extracts won’t impair the natural chemistry of your pet’s ear. Use antibiotics and surely you’ll get into a handful of side effects, and that includes a recurring ear infection.

Take all the appropriate steps to care for your dog’s ears and it will lesson the likelihood that you will need to medicate an ear infection. In case of an ear infection, do your beloved dog the favor and use a natural remedy to bring him back to health.

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