Self Confidence- Antidote for Depressing Thoughts

Self Confidence- Antidote for Depressing Thoughts

What is the biggest problem with the youth of today? Is it that they don’t listen to their elders and are stubborn to have things their way or they have a huge ego that they know everything and don’t like being told off?

Well, there are many things but the one thing that can be considered the issue is that they lack self confidence that goes hand in hand with a high level of arrogance, a lethal combo that needs to be broken.

It is this self confidence that makes them go offensive when they are asked about things they have little knowledge about and they don’t want to lose their image in the public eye.

Tips for Solution

Many youngsters suffer from low self esteem due to constant nagging from their parents, teachers and peers that contributes to their poor performance in academics and in life in general.

But if they adhere to certain changes in life, they will find things changing for the better in no time because fear and low self esteem is the worst enemy of an individual.

You can begin by changing your habits like getting up early and going for a walk and doing meditation for 10 minutes and then drink green tea so that it would clean your insides with Aloe Vera added for good measure.

Nobody is perfect in this world and everyone has their own flaws so if you so take care to give the best that you have so that even if you don’t find success, you will get the satisfaction of giving your best shot.

This will increase your self confidence and inspire you to try again and again where eventually you will find success eating out of your hand in a short while and that is saying something.

Always keep jovial people with a positive attitude around you so that they will prove to be a support squad and help you out with your daily problems especially females and they won’t go running for women self-defense products.

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