San Diego Weed Review : Green Crop’s Tripple OG & Super Sour Diesel


San Diego Weed Review : Green Crop’s Tripple OG & Super Sour Diesel

If you are fortunate enough to live in a country where it is legal to plant and cultivate cannabis seeds then the green fingered entrepreneur can take advantage of what has become quite a lucrative market. What other cash crop grown in our blessed earth can pay nearly 5,000 euros per Kilo? Considering that many marijuana strains can produce 500g per square meter plus, then it is not difficult to understand why the number of secret gardens being created has shot up over the past few years. Why? Because the demand is there. Cannabis is enjoyed by millions around the world. Yes it is a drug, yes it can be addictive and yes it can and is misused. However, how many cannabis addicts have you seen lying in the gutter begging for change? How many cannabis addicts have you seen staggering in the street barely conscious shouting abuse at passersby? I would guess none. Why? Because the problematic behaviour issues associated with alcohol and many of the harder drugs do not generally apply to users of cannabis.

A big factor in its popularity, apart from it being a pleasurable experience, has got to be because of its prohibition. But to what gain? By making something illegal can, in many cases, only intensify people’s interest in it. Did prohibition of alcohol in the USA stop people wanting to drink alcohol? No it just made people more devious in their efforts to procure it! The market was driven ‘underground’ where the criminal elements thrive and boy did they thrive!

The same seems to be happening with the prohibition of cannabis. Every other week I am hearing of ‘gangs’ having their secret gardens raided. If the money involved wasn’t attractive to the criminal element then there would be no interest. By allowing people to ‘grow their own’, as it were, then there would be no need for people to associate with the criminal fraternity. The demand would decrease and therefore making it unattractive to organised crime.

Cannabis/marijuana is quite popular for medicinal benefits due to the presence of Cannabinoid (CBD) that is then crushed to be made into oil for the bigger purpose of treating physical and mental issues as it has been found to provide relief from cancer symptoms aside from chemotherapy side effects that you can learn more about through

So why is it a ‘controlled substance’? What is so bad about it? What are the dangers? More to the point what are the benefits? One of the main issues regarding the smoking of cannabis has got to be health. Setting fire to anything and inhaling the fumes cannot be beneficial to our bodies in general. How often do we hear about the ill effects of smoking tobacco and yet it is not illegal. The experts say it will surely kill us but the authorities say it’s still ok to manufacture it and for us to buy it. Is that because the authorities care about our health? Well obviously not. So why are they so concerned that we shouldn’t smoke cannabis? What are they saving us from? And why can’t we be trusted with cannabis like we are trusted with alcohol?

In the UK recently (2010) even the government’s drug experts have said cannabis is not a lethal drug when compared to many others, especially tobacco and alcohol. Now let’s not forget these are the experts that the government employ to give them sound, experienced and educated advice. Well the experts gave the government sound, experienced and educated advice and what happened next?…..they got sacked for giving advice the government did not want to acknowledge!

So on the one hand we have a substance thats use seems to be on the increase and becoming more and more popular amongst the younger generations, has enjoyed a steady growth in the past 30 years, has had NO RECORDABLE DEATHS due to its use or even its misuse and on the other we have periodic debates on the subject arguing whether or not it is good or bad for us. In the mean time, green fingered growers seem to be cashing in on its prohibition and popularity, earning some serious money, whilst smoking the best quality herb available on the planet! So while the debate goes on I suggest anyone who wants to have an informed opinion on this subject, go and have a big fat joint (obviously in a place that allows it and without a skin full of alcohol beforehand!) and make your own mind up!

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