Risks of Kratom use – Check out the risks

Risks of Kratom use – Check out the risks

Taken infrequently and at low doses there are no risks known from the use of mitragyna speciosa. Internally taken daily and/or in high doses however especially high quality kratom can have serious side effects.

Along with the benefits, there is a need to check the risks related with the kratom use. It will allow you to buy kratom from the right place and the right quality. The gathering of the information is beneficial and you can also consult with the experts to get the details about the risks and benefits.

There are no cases known of a real kratom addiction. But frequent long-term consumption of kratom will carry the risk of developing kratom dependence and on withdrawal finally lead to unpleasant symptoms for several days.

Just as expected from other natural drugs the body can develop a certain tolerance for mitragyna speciosa alkaloids, which then calls for higher frequency consumption in higher doses to achieve the same effects.

And of course kratom can be overdosed. There are reports of irresponsible persons overdosing on kratom. The dangers from overdosing on kratom imply suffering from hallucinations, nausea and restlessness. There are no confirmed reports of fatal cases resulting from overdosing on kratom, but on the other hand there is no limit to human irrationality and nobody can predict what could happen to some mentally disturbed or physically seriously ill person massively overdosing on kratom for days on end.

So whatever you have in mind for your own kratom experiments, you should not take it daily and not in doses which seriously exceed those ones you are already familiar with and of which you know you can tolerate them well.

This especially applies to kratom products that are new to you or from suppliers that are new to you.

Keep in mind that two kratom products from two suppliers sold under the same name can indeed have very different quality and potency.

Keep in mind that even the seemingly exact same product sold under the same name from the same supplier on two occasions can indeed mean two very different things: there is no set standard to define what “superior quality Bali kratom” actually contains and chances are that your supplier has no idea at all if two shipments coming out of Thailand under the same name indeed contain the same quality or even comparable products.

And keep in mind that somebody claiming Bali kratom compared vs. Thai kratom from a certain supplier is of superior quality surely can never be taken as a fact, but in the best case as personal experience – and mostly not even that but just a marketing trick. LEGAL: “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

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