Relax Remedy Kratom Review – Check the reviews

Relax Remedy Kratom Review – Check the reviews

I recently collaborated with a relatively new and small vendor called Relax Remedy. From the start, I found that this vendor is very different than other kratom vendors. They sell various herbal teas, body and skin care products, tinctures, and botanicals. They have a wide variety of kratom. What stands out most is their philosophy is to be completely transparent and honest. Unlike most vendors, all their products are sampled and tested thoroughly. They mentioned how many vendors will (knowingly or unknowingly) put synthetic opioids to their extracts, and that they will never do that to their future extracts.

After chatting with the vendor for a while, he mentioned that they have spent quite a lot of money on testing all their products. They don’t sell kratom that doesn’t meet their potency standards. They also test for molds and heavy metals. This is completely unique in the world of kratom vendors. Kratom is sold as a non-consumable, so vendors tend to not care about testing.

People can check the maeng da kratom reviews for making the home remedy for weight loss. The meeting of the standards is possible for the people. You can test the products and supplements to have effective results. 

After buying 100 grams of Red Indo, they sent me 2 extra strains for me to review (Maeng Da Nectar and Green Bali). It arrived in 3 days with regular shipping from the East Coast to West Coast.

Maeng Da Nectar

The first strain I tried was Maeng Da Nectar. This strain was definitely the most unique strain of kratom I’ve gotten my hands on. It had a semi-sweet taste, which was a pleasant surprise considering how bitter and gross kratom usually tastes. I mixed about 2 grams in some water, drank it up, and waited.

I felt the effects within about 30 minutes. The effects lasted about 4 hours. It was very relaxing, but not as much as most red strains. I felt a decent amount of euphoria flowing through my body. I’m overall very satisfied with that strain, especially considering how little I needed to obtain good effects.

Red Vein Borneo and Green Bali

Later on, I tried some of their Red Vein Borneo. This strain is a very good red-veined variety. It gave me a great sense of euphoria and well-being, and it was pretty relaxing and sedating. I slept very well because of it. Then, I finally got around to trying the Green Bali, also known as Bali Reserve. The effects felt similar to most white-vein strains. I felt a good amount of stimulation, along with a little sedation and euphoria.

Overall, I’m very happy with this vendor. Their prices are a lot cheaper than most vendors, and their quality is top-notch. All three strains smelled and looked like fresh, potent kratom. They’re currently offering a $1 sample special. For $1 (shipping included), they’ll gladly send you a 5 gram sample.

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