Pokemon Go Secrets You Should Try Atleast

Pokemon Go Secrets You Should Try Atleast

Pokemon go is the game that begins every time when you leave a house because pokemon cannot be captured within the house. In this pandemic you cannot be able to move out of the house which is why a new feature has been introduced which is called as raid battle pass. That pass will be going to help you in doing raid battles right by home.

There is no need to buy raid battles pass as the company will be going to provide you for free. You can also buy new fully upgraded account on https://pokemongoaccshop.com/. If you are new then make sure to save this pass because you won’t get to have it every time.

Here are secrets for you

There are many but you need to focus mainly on the essential one as those will be enough for you to make you understand everything related to this game. Following are some of the secrets for you-

  • Pikachu as started

While going for a battle you should choose Pikachu as a starter pokemon because it will help in reducing the health of the opponent’s pokemons. In this way you can easily win the battle without any worries.

  • Pikchu piggy back ride

if you want Pikachu on your shoulder then you should use pokemon’s go buddy system and in that way you can carry your avatar on your shoulder. This system allows you to walk with a pokemon so make sure to use it.

  • Choose eevee’s evolution

Eevee is the pokemon for which you can choose the evolution at the time of evolving it. Make sure to not to miss it and also on the other hand it can let you earn loads of XP points.

  • Play horizontally

You should play this game horizontally to see the entire map.

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