Pokemon Go maker is looking forward to expanding their base in India

Pokemon Go maker is looking forward to expanding their base in India

Pokémon Go became hugely popular in India when it was released in this country. But gradually, its craze had died down over time. The maker of Pokemon, Niantic, is planning to increase its reach in India. For this job, they are to hire a local growth scout in this country. This company has posted a new job on LinkedIn asking for the role of local growth scout. This scout will be responsible for generating effective momentum and will engage Pokemon Go communities of the country. You can visit pokemongoaccshop.com to buy authentic Pokemon Go accounts.

Roles and responsibilities of the local scout to increase the presence of this game

The assigned local growth scout of Pokemon Go will have to fulfil many different roles and responsibilities to take their business higher in India. They will have to plan, identify different event opportunities, create local content, develop proper content strategies, create a sales pipeline and create business development. In this regard, the scout is supposed to utilize Niantic Partner Portal for uploading the point of interest through the spreadsheets for sponsored events and partners.

The scout candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in science, art, or any other equivalent stream. They are also supposed to have over 3 years of experience in the gaming or mobile industry. Niantic is to accept the applications through LinkedIn posting only. You must browse pokemongoaccshop.com to buy Pokemon accounts and other merchandise. 


In 2016, Pokémon Go was debuted in India in partnership with Indian conglomerate Reliance Jio. But its official entry of this game happened a little later than its global launch. But Indian players already started playing this game by downloading its APK file. After a certain time, the popularity of this game came down. Pokemon Go is expecting the mania for this game will again rise after assigning a local scout in India. Their reach and presence are supposed to be higher in the future for obvious reasons.

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