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Confessions of a Coffee Junkie: How to Break the Morning Addiction

It is six forty in the morning. Your alarm clock has just buzzed for the seventh time and your spouse has threatened murder if you reach for the snooze button again. So you drag yourself out of bed and get ready for the day. First thought on standing up? I wonder if we’re out of creamer.

A huge percentage of the world today is addicted to the richness brought from the lands of the tropics hundreds of years ago. Whole subcultures orbit around the morning routine of visiting the local Starbucks. But, is the aroma of mocha worth the price on our health and bank accounts?

I would think not as coffee aficionados have to deal with health issues later in their life and are subject to fatal illnesses by the time they are in their thirties and have no choice but to frequent a health affiliate program every once in a while.

Think about it. The average coffee shop patron spends around five dollars on their drink. That’s five dollars a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month. It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up fast. Up to $140 to be precise. Multiply that by twelve and we find that the average cup-of-joe loving consumer spends around $1,680 per year, just to wake up!

We won’t even talk about the fact that most latte lovers drink more than one cup of coffee per day, easily spending more than $3,300 dollars a year. What would you do if someone gave you a check made out for that much money tomorrow? I most certainly would not put it in a special account labeled, ‘Cassia’s Addiction Fund.’ I would use that money to go hang on a beach in Costa Rica for a few weeks, or get myself a nice massage, or make a payment on a new little car.

In addition to being a money vacuum, coffee can be bad for your health.

People drink coffee to counter balance the fact that they are not sleeping enough. When you don’t sleep, your immune system gets weaker. Coffee is also a hunger suppressant, enabling people to go all afternoon without a meal. When you don’t eat enough healthy food, again, your immune system falls. When people don’t feel well, their bad habits grow worse and they may find themselves hanging around in a coffee shop because the atmosphere is comforting. By being at the shop, they’re going to drink more coffee than usual, thus spending more money and increasing the harm to their health.

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement but shuddering in horror at the thought of giving up your espresso, don’t panic. Phasing out coffee from your life can be a challenge, but the rewards are great. Here are some suggestions for reclaiming your morning:

Try drinking coffee only every other day. Drink black teas instead.

These are cheaper and less potent than coffee and can be easily

made at home. Also, tea bags can be used more than once, so you can

have two cups of tea for the price of one!

For every day that you don’t spend money on coffee, put five dollars

into a jar. At the end of the month, you’ll have some savings to

treat yourself with!

Replace your need for coffee with lots of good, deep sleep. Not

only will this ease the pangs of withdrawal, your skin, hair and

attitude will benefit as well! Say goodbye to bags under your eyes

and hello to freedom from addiction.

Make a support group! Find friends who want to quit drinking coffee

as well and meet once a week to have tea or chocolate. Do the

things you would normally do at a coffee house together, red books,

write, work on your business plans, gossip.

Top Reasons To Hire A Professional Internet Marketing Company

Professional internet marketing companies are a necessity for any company today. Digital marketing is winning customers worldwide, and there are no two ways about it.

In these tough times, it is almost essential that you hire an internet marketing company to take care of your online activities and digital marketing.

Here are a few reasons you should stop thinking and start looking for a professional internet marketing company:

  • Broaden the Team:

It is always wise to broaden your team and assign people specific jobs so as to excel in them. Hiring a professional internet marketing company lets you have a specific team that is dedicated to working for your online platform.

  • Expert Opinion:

When you hire a professional team or a company, they are trained experts who know what they are doing and do it in the best way possible. This guarantees success, profits, and better results, as well as allows the expert to handle the situation no matter what.

  • Outsourcing:

Companies all over the world are opting for outsourced services so that they can focus on the actual product or service the business offers. Outsourcing is not actually losing money because you can save your time, effort, and labor and can utilize them for your own benefits while having someone else accountable for a particular job.

You can have a lot of time to focus on what you are good at and do your part in improving the company.

Thus, it is essential to choose the best internet marketing company that you can trust to get results.

How To Prepare For An Oral Surgery?

Oral surgeries can happen for a variety of reasons. From issues with teeth to jaw joint, to misalignment problems, oral surgeries are one-stop solutions to everything.

However, one should not take Los Alamitos oral surgery lightly and should prepare accordingly.

Here are a few tips that you should definitely keep in mind while preparing for oral surgery:

  • Escort

People always consider oral surgeries to be minor and do not pay sufficient heed. This might result in serious repercussions because even for oral surgery, anesthesia is used, and you should always have someone to transport back to your house. Most of the clinics often don’t let you undergo surgery if you don’t have someone assigned as your escort.

  • Follow Instructions

For any kind of surgery, it is vital that you follow all the instructions properly. The doctors provide proper guidelines that should be maintained before and after the operation. Things like how to wash your mouth, what to eat, what food patterns to follow, etc. come under this.

  • Alcohol and Tobacco

No matter how addicted we are or what logic we have for our habits, tobacco and alcohol are obviously not good for your health. You should be strictly not consumed before and after an oral surgery.

One should always be cautious when it’s about one’s health, whether it is physical health, dental health, or mental health.

Following these steps will help you in taking good care of yourself for the surgery and be mentally prepared for the same.

Is it really safe o consume CBD oil?

CBD oil is considered as medication which can help you in getting rid of various mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. It is safest in nature because it is extracted from natural plants called as hemp. It is natural from the beginning, which means your body won’t be going to be harmed by consuming this.

 You should go for the best CBD oil brands if you want to ensure your safety and good results in your body. There is one essential thing you should take care of, which is the dosage. You should follow the dosage written on the package or go to the expertise. In short words, you should not set up the dosage on your terms as it can cost your life.

What are the health benefits you can get by consuming the CBD oil?

There are lots of benefits you can get to feel after consuming the product. Here are some for your understanding-

  1. Muscle pain- If there is excess in muscle pain in your body, then you can consume the product. The oil can be directly applied on the muscle itself if you want quicker results.
  2. Say no to insomnia- If you cannot sleep properly at night or does not sleep at all, then there is nothing better than the CBD oil. You should consume it once in a day before sleeping, and you will get to see results. 
  3. Get rid of cancer symptoms- It is one of the most dangerous diseases, and you can get rid o its symptoms in the early stage. Contact the doctor, and he or she will be going to prescribe you a suitable amount of dosage.  

These are some of the health benefits you can get to feel right after the consumption of the product.

Saving Money On Bad Credit Home Loans

People who apply for home loans have different reasons. Some need the money to renovate their homes; others would like to use the money for investment; some need the money for an emergency; while others would like to take a grand vacation. If you’re planning to apply for a home equity loan, it is best to consider your reasons. First, do you really money? Is it extremely necessary to loan money just to serve your purpose? If you really have a good reason for obtaining a mortgage loan, then do so. However, exercise caution. If you are unaware of the negative of having a bad credit score then you can read about that on Velgenklere and educate yourself about all the important things that you need to keep in your mind as you get a loan and risk your credit score.

There are steps you can take to save money on your home loan. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Check out, different lenders. You can visit online websites of various lending companies to check out the rates they offer. Aside from the interest rates, check out other costs as well. Also, consider the repayment period offered by the lender. It is more advisable to take a loan with longer repayment terms than those with shorter repayment periods. Remember, the shorter the repayment period is, the higher the monthly rates will be.

Ask for a good rate. Don’t immediately settle with the first-rate that the lender offers. Negotiate with the lender. Inform the lender that you’re trying to find the best rate offered. Most lenders are willing to adjust their offer and lower rates just to get you to sign with them.

Plan your repayment action. How much loan do you really need? Know how much exactly you can afford to allocate for the repayment of your mortgage loan every month. Make sure that aside from your daily expenses and monthly household expenses, you leave some budget for emergency situations as well.

Review your credit report. Most loan borrowers forget to consider their credit rating and just apply for a mortgage loan straight away. However, if you have an unimpressive or very low credit rating, you will be given higher rates by the lending company you will apply. Bad credit history is definitely not a good sign for obtaining mortgage loans. It is more practical to do some steps first that will raise your credit score before applying for a home loan especially if you have any unpaid balances in one or two of your credit card accounts. Once you’ve raised your credit rating, then you can apply for a mortgage loan.

Check the accuracy of your credit report. Erroneous details are a common problem with credit reports. Identity theft and fraud are is also a possibility. These mistakes might be the reason why your credit rating is low. By checking on your credit report, you can see for yourself if there is any incorrect information or unfamiliar transactions in your account. Thus, you can immediately inform the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax) and ask them that these errors be corrected right away.

Lastly, read the whole contract very carefully. Make sure that there are no hidden charges or changes in rates that were initially agreed on by you and the lender.

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Safe During the Winter Months!

Many people fail to realize that when winter begins, getting your child to school suddenly becomes a very difficult task. There are several things that you can do in order to ensure that your child gets off to school every day safely.

  1. If it snows you should make sure you take the time to clear your sidewalks and driveway. This will help to ensure that your child will not fall outside of your own home.
  1. Make sure that your child is dressed properly. Many parents will allow their children to go to school wearing inappropriate shoes or outfits. Some outfits such as dresses can leave portions of your child’s skin exposed to the cold, and end up making them sick, or causing other skin problems. Always make sure you check the weather in the morning so that you can dress your child appropriately.
  1. Always warm up your car if you will be driving your child to school. This will allow your vehicle plenty of time to warm up and to defrost!
  1. If your child walks to school, take the time to walk with them. Remember just because you may have shoveled your sidewalk does not mean that everyone in the did. It is always possible for your child to slip on a patch of ice on their way to school.
  1. Always get them started with a healthy warm breakfast. Instead of giving your child cereal everyday before school, why not see if you can adjust your schedule so that you can prepare a nice warm breakfast for them. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  1. As soon as your child arrives home from school, immediately remove any wet clothes, such as socks or sweaters, and have them put on something warm and dry.
  1. If your child’s hands are cold from the snow or the weather you should never immediately place their hands in hot or warm water to attempt to warm them up. Just have them wrap their hands in a warm blanket for about fifteen minutes and they will slowly begin to warm up! A little hot chocolate will also help to speed up the process.
  1. Increase your child’s vitamin C intake. This can easily be done by giving your child more foods that have large amounts of vitamin C, in addition to their regular vitamins. This will help to boost immune system, which is a definite must during the summer months.

These are just a few suggestions that parents can keep in mind during the winter months. Keeping your child safe and healthy during the winter time should be just as important as it is during the other seasons. Try to avoid making your child spend a lot of time indoors. Even if they can only play outside for about twenty minutes before they have to come in and get warmed up, then try to do this at least once after school if they are in school. For younger children who are home all day you should try to do this in the afternoon which is actually the warmest part of the day. A click this over here now at the information will provide the right suggestions to the person. The safety of the child should be the first priority of the person in winter months. 

5 Things You Should Know About Online Privacy

If there is one thing that we have learned from the recent Facebook TOS flap, it’s that online privacy is a big deal.
While many of us like having places to share our thoughts and images with friends and loved ones, we also want to know that we can trust the sites that provide the platforms for our social interactions. We expect that web services will be responsible with the information we put on their servers, and not utilize it in an unscrupulous fashion.

And while these websites have a responsibility to respect our privacy, we also have to educate ourselves regarding online privacy in general. Here’s a list of things that you should know about online privacy.

1. Things that you post online are hard to get rid of. One thing that you should take from the situation with Facebook’s Terms of Service, is that once you put your stuff online, it’s not so easy to get it off. When Facebook put in it’s TOS that they could utilize user information and pictures even after a profile is closed, it was because they do not plan to erase a user’s pictures or words from all of the remaining profiles that contain that information.

And guess what? Most websites work the same way.

And guess what else? If you put that picture of yourself carousing at the xmas party on your profile, and decide that you want a service to take it down later, there is no law that will compel them to do so. As a matter of fact, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) only warrants that the website follow their own privacy policy. That means that you should think long and hard about what you post on a web profile

You should also get in the habit of reading the privacy policy for sites that you share information on. That will let you know what rights you have pertaining to that site.

2. Internet browsers can store a lot of private information. They can also send it all over the internet. Don’t believe it? Just log-on to, and you can get a sample of the information that your browser can spread. Most likely it will provide your IP address (your computer’s unique address) along with your location, and your surfing history.

What can you do about this? Well, first of all, make sure that your keep your browser updated with the latest security patches. This can be set to happen automatically. You can also use a browser like Firefox that will allow you to erase all your private data with one click. Also, check out your browser’s help section to determine how its privacy settings work.

3. Make sure a site is secure before you give your credit card info. How do you know? For one, if the site is secure, your browser should have an unbroken padlock icon in the lower right hand corner. Also make sure that that the site’s security certificate is up to date by right-clicking on the padlock. If it isn’t don’t shop there. The “http” in the address bar should have an “s” at the end of it as well. If this is the case then your information should be encrypted before its transmitted.

4. You need to know how to secure your computer. If you are surfing the internet, you need to know about firewalls, which should control what goes both in and out of your computer, as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, that will remove malicious programs from your computer. There are many free and paid options, some TorGuard discount offer or TorGuard promo code can be found here. When it comes to anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, there is no program that will remove all threats to your system. Download several and run them one after the other for maximum protection.


5. Be wary of free Wi-Fi connections. Nowadays, many bookstores, libraries and coffeeshops have free Wi-Fi connections that they offer for your use. However, unless you set up the connection yourself, you cannot be sure about the security precautions that are being used. Because of this, your should treat these connections just like you would a public computer. Be careful about accessing your financial statements and making purchases with your credit card while operating on an open network. For more information on wireless internet safety, go here.

Guide To Laser Hair Removal

There are a few things to consider before getting laser hair removal treatments. One of the firsts is weather or not you are an idea candidate.

One of the most important requirements is that the hair to be removed must be darker than the surrounding skin. The process usually does not work on people with blond or red hair, or people with light hair and tanned skin. People who have dark hair, but have tans should wait until the tan has faded to get the best results. How the process works is the reason why the hair must be so much darker than the skin. Blonde, red, and light brown hair that has shades of blond or red usually contains a pigment called pheomelanin, which does not absorb laser energy as well as the pigment, called eumelanin, that is present in black or brown hair. Also, fair skin does not absorb the laser light very easily, so more of the light goes into the hair follicle, causing the treatment to work better, and quicker. Laser hair removal can be done on people with light hair, or dark skin, but the process is longer, more difficult, and the results are not guaranteed.

Another thing to consider is the cost. Laser hair removal takes many sessions to have successful long-term results. Usually four sessions are recommended to begin with, and may cost from $500-$1000 a session. The size of the area to be treated also affects the price. Large areas, like legs, cost more, while small areas, like upper lips, may be a bit less. Because the process of laser hair removal needs to be individualized for each patient, a consultation is the only way to know if you can afford it.

Knowing who to get treatments from is important too. An inexperienced or unqualified person could end up doing more harm than good.

Requirements for laser hair removal vary by state. Most states are very strict though, requiring that the process only be done by a medical doctor, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner. Remember that this is a medical procedure, and should be treated as such, so electrologists, spa staff, or even a medical assistant should not be performing this procedure on you.

Some places to steer clear of are those that offer discounts, guarantees, or do not seem professional, medical, or give you any uneasy feelings. There is no way to guarantee results with laser hair removal, so those establishments offering a guarantee are offering the impossible. Also, a good medical center should have a great reputation to sell themselves, not a discount to reel you in. Be weary, your skin is your most valuable, and important organ.

Once you have decided that you are a good candidate, can afford the treatments, and have found a good professional to administer your treatments, it is very important to know a few things about the process to help you understand your results. Understanding the process helps you to not get frustrated if permanent results are not achieved quickly enough for you.

One of the most important things to know is why it takes more than one treatment to get choice results. The laser hair removal process affects hair in the anagen phase the most. The growth cycle of hair is called the anagen phase. The hairs on your body grow in cycles, so not all hair will be in a growing cycle at the same time. By repeating the laser hair removal process, all the hairs can be caught by the light in their anagen phase eventually, causing better permanent results.

Another factor to consider is excess consumption of beta-carotene. This important nutrient is found in carrots, squash, and some dietary supplements, and is important for great eye and immune system health. Unfortunately, ingesting large amounts of beta-carotene can cause a yellow or orange temporary tint to the skin, absorbing the laser light. Since beta-carotene can stay in the skin for months after ingesting it, just like a tan, it will take quite a while to fade before you can get good laser hair removal results.

Another thing that might impede your results is the thickness of your hair. Coarse hair gets the best results, and fine hair is very difficult to remove. Even if the fine hair is dark, it may take longer to get optimum results.

When you have begun to get your laser hair removal treatments, it is important to look out for adverse reactions.
Temporary changes in the pigment of your skin, either light, or dark, are harmless, and will go away with time. People with darker or tanned skin are more prone to changes in pigment than fair skinned people.

People with dark or tanned skin may also get rare burns, or blisters. Remember not to receive treatments while the skin is burned or broken, and watch for infection. Although dark skinned and tanned people are more likely to burn or blister, everyone should check out for them. Any other unusually marks or reactions that may have come from laser hair removal should be looks at by a dermatologist or physician.

Knowing a few simple things before, during, and after your laser hair removal treatments is the key to great results.

Got Hair Dye On Your Scalp? Home Remedies To Remove Color From Scalp

Got hair dye on your scalp from coloring your hair black, purple, red, or pink? Removing hair dye remedies for your skin can not be applied to the scalp in the same matter. Why? Because some of the products can be extremely harsh on the scalp. For instance: You can apply WD-40 to your hands to remove black hair dye, but on the head it can cause a major issues such as itching, dryness, allergic reaction or even bumps.
Never use lemon juice, peroxide, dish detergent, or a clarifying/medicated shampoo. Why? Because these products will start to strip your fresh new color. Use these home remedies.

Warm Milk

Place a small amount of milk into a microwave safe bowl. Heat up for 20-30 seconds. Allow the milk to cool down, but not too long. While the milk is lukewarm dip a rag into it. Make sure the rag is saturated and place directly onto the scalp. Rub into the scalp where the dye is located. Use a little bit of pressure and elbow grease. After rubbing let the milk to stay on for 10 minutes, then rinse in cold water.

Hair Dye

You can do this two ways. Mix a drop of leftover hair color with a very gentle shampoo, or place some hair dye onto your finger and rub into the scalp. Dye does remove dye.


With the thousands of toothpastes on the market, the only one I found that works extremely well with removing hair dye from the scalp is Cinnamon. You can use any brand as long as the tube says cinnamon on it.

Wet your toothbrush thoroughly. Then place a decent amount of toothpaste onto a brush. Place the brush directly on the stained area, and gently scrub into a lather. Scrub for 2-3 minutes, and then stop. Leave the paste on scalp for 10 minutes. Rinse off in cold water.

Alcohol Free Face Toner

I know many people or I should say beauticians swear by Sea Breeze or rubbing alcohol, but these products can totally dry your scalp out. Opt for something like Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. This will be more gentle, and cause less irritation. Place a small amount onto a cotton ball or rag and scrub the scalp gently. No need to apply extra pressure.

Baby Oil

This is a very safe way to remove hair dye off your scalp. Place a small amount onto the area desired. Rub it in throughly, and allow the oil to stay on your scalp for 15-45 minutes. Place a processing cap over the head so the oil does not drip out. Rinse with cold water. If you only have a very tiny section to do, you can leave it on over night, but larger section I would not recommend.

If all fails which they shouldn’t head over to a Sally beauty supply store and pick up either Color Trak Wipe Off, or Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover.

Fun Facts And Information About The Dolphin

They are easily regarded as one of the most beautiful and lovable of all animals, a regular favorite for many. They are found world wide but prefer warmer, shallower water along coastal regions. There are approximately 40 species of dolphin with the bottlenose dolphin being the most commonly known. They are also known for their extreme intelligence and have even been used in the military for rescue operations and to identify buried lethal mines. Another well know trait of dolphins is their relative ease with which they approach and interact with humans. There are many tales of dolphins helping divers and surfers to ward off a shark attack. Not only are they willing to help us in dangerous situations but countless people will testify to the healing powers of being in close proximity with and touching a dolphin and there are many Dolphin Human Therapy centers where one can come and ease a troubled soul.

Bottlenose dolphins live in small groups of up to 15 individuals called pods. They can, however join pods and swim in combined groups of about a hundred animals. According to the American Cetacean Association, the main diet its small fish, squid and an occasional crustacean. When approached by a school of fish they will work as a team and herd the fish together and drive them towards the shore to facilitate an easy meal. If they hunt alone they sometimes use a procedure called “fish whacking” where they whack a fish right out of the water with their tail flukes and thereby stunning the animal and making it easier to catch as it fall back into the water. Dolphins are predators and though they are generally seen as gentile creatures, they do show aggressive behavior when the males fight for rank and mating rights. Also with declining food supplies due to man’s over fishing, they will attack smaller dolphins and kill them to eliminate the competition for food.

They are warm blooded mammals (not fish) who give birth to one calf at a time and display a very close bond with her young. The nursing period is between 18 and 20 months and it takes several years to wean them of their mother’s teats. They have an average lifespan of about 40 years but can get considerably older.

Here are some interesting facts about dolphins:

1. The female stays pregnant for a whole year and the birth is assisted by a “midwife”.

2. They have taste buds and show preferences in taste.

3. Dolphins cannot breathe under water and must come up for air.

4. They sleep for 8 hours a day near the water’s surface and they do so with one eye open.

5. Even though they are not blind, like bats, they use sonar waves to “see” what is ahead of them.

6. Females as old as 45 have been recorded to give birth.

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