Options When Involved in an Accident with a Driver Who Doesn’t Have Insurance

Options When Involved in an Accident with a Driver Who Doesn’t Have Insurance

Most states require that anyone who is driving a vehicle must have auto insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone follows through with this responsibility. When an uninsured motorist causes an accident, they are still liable for the damages to your vehicle and injuries. You may find out that the driver wasn’t insured long after the accident occurs.

Here are some options when you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance:

Contact the driver: You should have the driver’s phone number from the information that was exchanged at the accident scene. Attempt to call the other driver to get the issue resolved. There is a small chance that they will cooperate in hopes of keeping a low profile. If you and the driver can’t come to an agreement or he/she will not return your calls, you have other options.

Call the responding police officer: The police officer that was on the call when your accident occurred can be of great assistance. It is possible that the wrong insurance card was given to you during the exchange of information. A police officer can run a check on the vehicle through Motor Vehicles to see what insurance company is listed there. He will also be able to give you a policy number. If the policy number and insurance company is different than the information you have, you can contact that agency to see if there was coverage for that driver. If not, you still have rights.

If you find that the driver was definitely not covered, report it to the police. The police can charge the driver for driving without insurance and can have their tags removed immediately. This will at least make the driver a little more cautious while out on the road. There is no guarantee that he/she won’t get behind the wheel though.

Claim through your insurance: If you find that the driver of the other vehicle didn’t have insurance, you can probably file a claim with your insurance company. There are several drawbacks to this method. First, if you have a deductible with your insurance, you will have to get that amount of money out of the other driver. This can be very difficult. If they couldn’t afford to keep insurance on their vehicles, they certainly won’t have enough to cover your deductible. That means the money will have to come out of your pocket. You will still be able to make the claim and get your vehicle and medical expenses paid for, minus any deductibles. Various options are available with multi car insurance quotes is made available to the person. Some discounts are provided to the car owner to get the insurance policies. The maintaining of the car should be meeting with the desired results. The spending of the amount should be favorable for the person.

Report the driver to the Motor Vehicle Administration: The Motor Vehicle Administration can impose hefty fines on drivers whose vehicles are uninsured. This includes the suspension of the vehicles tags and registration until the fines are paid in full. The owner of the vehicle will not be able to obtain any registration or tags for future vehicles until these costs have been paid. The penalties vary from state to state, but you should be able to report these incidents to them for action.

Court- Depending on the cost of damages, you can take your claim to court if the driver refuses to pay. It may have to be filed in small claims court. A judgment can be made in your favor for the amount of out of pocket money you have had to spend because of the car accident. When you have successfully won your suit, you will have legal backing. Chances are, you may still not be able to collect from the driver. You can, however, report the non-payment to the credit bureaus. This will be a bad mark on the other drivers credit history.

If you are in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance, even if it was your error, the other driver will be at fault if the state you are in requires auto insurance. The reason is because the driver should have never been on the road to start with. Follow the above guidelines for your options when the other driver is not insured. It will help you get through the moments that you don’t know what you should do next.

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