Nevada Hunter’s Education Program

Nevada Hunter’s Education Program

The Nevada Hunter’s Education Program, which is overseen by the Nevada Department of Wildlife, is a requirement that hunters born after the first of January, 1960 are faced with when trying to purchase a Nevada hunting license. Actually, that is not a true statement. In reality, these hunters must have a hunters education certificate, but it does not have to be from Nevada, it can come from any state or even a province of Canada. This program is responsible for teaching hunters in Nevada how and why it is important to become safe and responsible hunters. The importance of these lessons is seen throughout the country as the hunting accident rate steadily declines.

Hunters who are in need of the Nevada Hunter’s Education certificate are required to attend a hunting education program and pass the courses related to the program. This entails an independent study program followed by a classroom setting that generally lasts eight hours. The independent portion of this program requires the hunter to either complete the Today’s hunter Workbook or to complete an online course before they can attend the classroom portion of the program. In order for the hunting student to prove that they have completed the workbook or online portion of the program, they must present the finished workbook or the Nevada Online Course Completion Confirmation to the instructor before they can continue on with the classroom portion.

These classroom courses are offered year round and are available throughout the state of Nevada. There is a small fee charged for these courses and students must pre-register for the class they intended to take. Students should also note that if they are attending a class on the weekend, they should make arrangements for lunch, such as bring a lunch. Also, the class includes field training which occurs outside, so it will be important to dress appropriately for this. The hunters can use the image stabilized binoculars reviewed by for hunting. The catching and attracting the animals will be easy and simple for the hunters without any additional efforts. 

This program, and the steps involved to complete it, exposes the student to the importance of many hunting topics. These topics include, but are not limited to hunting safety, firearm safety, wildlife management, wildlife identification, hunting responsibility, hunting ethics, hunting laws and regulations, survival and first aid. All of these topics are important to the individual hunter and to the sport of hunting. Each student should keep this in mind as they complete this program.

The Nevada Hunter’s Education Program is not a complicated learning experience, but is important just the same. It does, however, have several steps the hunter must complete before they can be issued their certificate of completion and can purchase their hunting license. Pre-registering for the program and deciding on whether they will complete the the workbook at home or online is the first steps that must be made. After these decisions are made and completed, the student will attend the classroom setting, where the program will be completed and after completion, the student will receive their hunter’s education certificate.

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