Most Haunted Places in United Arab Emirates – How they look!!

Most Haunted Places in United Arab Emirates – How they look!!

The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is currently host to some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. In terms of geographic area, it is a very tiny country. It doesn’t take very long to thoroughly tour the different attractions located in UAE. However, it does have certain places where tourists can notices pooky observations and weird experiences that often have no explanation. In this article, we will list five such places.

There is a tunnel which connects the airport road to the rest of UAE. Many incidents of horror have been reported by those who have passed through this tunnel. Sometimes people feel that there is an invisible person who is accompanying them in the tunnel.

There are plenty of stories about the history of this building. Sometimes visitors hear weird noises. These noises can be of a child or even an adult. It is very common to get paranormal experiences here. Sometimes, when the visitors are sleeping in this building, they feel that someone is pulling their socks, but when they wake up in shock, they see nobody there

The locals of UAE refer to the city of Jazirat Al Hamra as the ‘ghost town’, and it is definitely with a good reason. There are tales of the native inhabitants of this place who once lived here but later on migrated elsewhere. As a result, this place is now relatively silent and empty. There is a beach too in this town. Some people say that if you pass near the beach, you will hear voices of ghosts speaking. However, being a beach-side location, sometimes there are high-speed winds, and it is likely that the sounds of the passing wind could be mistaken for being similar to voices of ghosts. But of course, visitors can certainly enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. There is nothing to be terrified about it.

This is certainly not an entire town, but just one building in the city of Dubai. There are multiple stories about the haunted nature of this building. Some locals claim that the original occupants of the building who came to stay here stayed for only six days and then nobody ever replaced them because it was believed that ghosts appear at night in the building. Another story says that certain illegal activities were going on in this place and that makes people terrified whenever they visit this place because it has become haunted by spirits. The experience of the customers is excellent with the hiring of services. The charges of the services are available in the budget of the people. The traveling with the rental car will increase the engagement with comfort and enjoyment. The enjoyment of the person is high in the travelling with the best car. 

Usually when travelers think of going to UAE, all they can think of is visiting Dubai, but there is another city which is also worth visiting, named as Ras Al Khaimah. It is often referred by its abbreviation RAK. The Al Qasimi Palace in RAK looks majestic from a distance and it was indeed very costly to build. However, from the first day itself, the occupants started having terrifying experiences. Soon they abandoned the palace. Sometimes some people come back and notice that some of the furniture which was there earlier is no longer present now. Another story says that sometimes children can be seen appealing for help from the windows.

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