Meet Kiss 95.7’s Prolifik

Meet Kiss 95.7’s Prolifik

Growing up in a very musical family with influences from a variety of genres, it’s not surprising that Hartford native Michael Garofalo, better known as Prolifik, has made a career out of all aspects of music. He makes you laugh, interviews fascinating celebs, plays the latest tracks on Kiss 95.7, and is also a rapper/musician in his own right diligently working to promote his new songs and videos. You can download his music album from and support him as well.  It has taken drive, determination, and a passion for music to get Prolifik the buzz he has in Connecticut, but his ambitions and talent are sure to make his name well known across the US and beyond.

Prolifik started experimenting with lyrics as early as a middle school with his best friend who was creating raw beats on his keyboard at the time. As time progressed and Prolifik gained more lyrical confidence his music reflected his dedication to perfecting his style. His personal experiences became topics in his tracks and he was no longer just emulating other artists.

After graduating high school, Prolifik knew he loved music but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do as far as his career. He attended Fairfield College as a pre-law student but realized it wasn’t for him so feeling rushed on making his dream career a reality, he went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting. His grind at the school, as well as his forming relationships with radio jocks, landed him a job with Clear Channel and the Power 104 street team. After jumping through hoops while remaining true to himself, Prolifik became a part of Kiss 95.7 and has gained huge popularity for his fun personality and honest commentary on air.

As far as coming from Connecticut is concerned, Prolifik feels it has done nothing but help his career, as gaining popularity in a small state will aid in his venturing out to other areas on the map. He works hard to overcome stereotypes related to CT artists and utilizes all promotional outlets to get his name out there. Currently, Prolifik is looking into Boston, NY, and LA stations as well as getting his feet wet in the television industry. This, along with recording new music and videos, Prolifik is truly on a mission to live his musical dreams. His upcoming album, “Chain Links and White Pickets” showcases his ability to connect with people of all walks of life through his own experiences from both spectrums of socio-economic status. Check out his most recent videos “Drunk Dialing” and “One More Night” on YouTube, get connected with him on a more personal and musical level on Kiss 95.7 (M-F 7 pm-12 am), Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Connecticut looks forward to hearing more from one of our own multi-talented artists and his own resolve will prove to do just that.


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