Managing Social Media On Vacation

Managing Social Media On Vacation

Should You Take a Social Media Vacation? With the summer season in full swing, vacations, holidays, stay-cations, days off, and a slowing pace may make staying on top of social media even more challenging than when we tend to be more business-focussed. This condition, which I hope you welcome and relish, may also cause some stressors. For example, what to do about your social media if you are going to be “off duty” for a period of time? Here are some things to consider.

The first suggestion I would naturally have is to outsource this function to a professional company that does not go on vacation – the company owner and employees go “off duty” but not the services. One of the main advantages of outsourcing any function is that you do not need to worry about it getting handled under any circumstance. If you are one of the brilliant professionals who already outsource your social media management to a professional company, you are already covered and the rest of this blog does NOT apply to you. But you may have business associates who are still handling their own social media, and struggling to stay on top of it in the best of circumstances, so feel free to pass this on to them.

If you haven’t outsourced your social media management and someone in your office is responsible for maintaining your consistent and positive online presence, make sure they have an understudy. This is someone who fills their role when they are out. This way employee vacations and time off does not have a negative impact on your business’ presence.

If you are still handling your online presence for your business on your own here are some suggestions for managing social media while you are on vacation: Don’t! You can do some things to automate posts through Hootsuite, if you can get it together ahead of time, so there are no gaps in your posts. Beyond that, social media may not have been identified as being as critical a function as other tasks that need to be covered while you are gone.

As a departure from conventional wisdom, I say forget about it and enjoy your time away from work.

In preparation for this “Tip of the Week” I did some research on what others in my industry suggest for how businesses should handle social media while on vacation. There were a lot of suggestions for all of the things to do at various stages leading up to the time off, and after. They were good suggestions. My impression, however, is that business owners I know are so busy running things and taking care of their clients, they are not going to do all of this with all of the competing demands getting ready to leave and after returning. So I take a different view and suggest that you just not worry about it.

I realize this suggestion flies in the face of what I am always saying about maintaining a consistent, relevant, and powerful online presence, but people put their attention and resources to what they define as valuable. Taking a week or two off from posting and interacting on social media is related to a larger issue of how that individual defines the value of the activity. So, if social media management for the business is defined as a critical function, it will get handled one way or another, just like other critical functions. If it is not, don’t worry about It. Your social media will be there when you return. I wouldn’t do something in between or try to post while on vacation…just take a break and enjoy yourself. If you are ready to have a professional social media management company handle your online presence for you, please contact us and we will get you started.

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