Keep Fit and Carry On: Post Pregnancy Fitness Tips

Keep Fit and Carry On: Post Pregnancy Fitness Tips

A lot of women hear about post pregnancy exercise plans but dismiss the idea quickly after giving birth. There’s just too much going on with a lot of stress involved.

Due to obvious changes in their life, women neglect adequate post pregnancy exercises. Some may think that doing so little is irrelevant or a waste of time.

Don’t fall into that trap—if you are one of these women, you’re doing it wrong. Post pregnancy exercise programs can actually help relieve stress, and will ultimately free up more time in your day.

Don’t Compare!

 One thing you shouldn’t do is compare yourself to Hollywood actresses who seem to look just as good post pregnancy as they did before. These stars have a wealth of resources—from personal trainers to private chefs and babysitters. Oh, and don’t underestimate the power of Photoshop! If you stick to your own set goals, then your health will be up to par in no time.


 New mums often feel guilty going to the gym right after a baby is born. It’s either that or the lack of time. You have to get into the right mind-set—if you’re not taking care of yourself, how will you take care of the ones you love? There’s nothing selfish about it. There’s a lot of physical and emotional responsibility after giving birth, and a get-away like the gym could be exactly what you need. Remember to wait at least a couple weeks after delivering, though.

Light Exercise

 Even the most gentle of exercises can keep you healthy and fit. Light aerobic and/or fat burning routines are ideal for new mums. Take you and your baby out for some fresh air and have a walk with a pushchair. Start small the first week and increase your exercise times from there. Remember to speak to your health professional who will probably recommend the same. You can eventually built up and start going to specialist postnatal exercise groups such as Pilate’s.

 Exercising with other mums is also a good way to get opinions and tips, especially if you’re new to the game. It can make the whole process fun and give you a break to clear your head.


 Yeah, you knew this was coming! A healthy diet is essential both during and post pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, this will affect your baby’s body as much as it will yours. Your hormones are all over the place post pregnancy, so getting your diet wrong can leave you with weight problems for a long time. If you get your diet spot on, though, you’ll be perfectly fine and in the best shape of your life. The actual diet should be self-explanatory—watch your calorie intake and keep the foods clean and unprocessed. I always like to use one rule: if it has ingredients you can’t read, chuck it out! To support your diet, it is advisable to also take weight loss supplement. When choosing the right supplement, it is advisable to choose a brand that is made from all natural ingredients so you can ensure that it is safe and healthy. Check this out:

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