Is Ejuice Safe For Consumption?

Is Ejuice Safe For Consumption?

In this article, we will now discuss the health impacts on e-juice when inhaled into the lungs of the user. E-liquid is healthier than cigarettes are, as it does not contain the same carcinogens


As we all know and is well documented, cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals most of which are carcinogenic. E-juice does not contain those carcinogenic chemicals and as of current, there is no evidence that e-juice causes cancer when inhaled. Unlike cigarettes, e-liquid is not likely to give you cancer. Also, nicotine actually has some health benefits such as increasing the metabolism of the consumer. Regular cigarettes do deliver nicotine as well; however, their method of delivery is questionable as they deliver all the other harmful chemicals along with the nicotine. E-juice delivers nicotine, USP propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which are food-grade ingredients along with other artificial and natural flavoring. General Snus is hitting store shelves which is another popular component that you can use. E-juice ‘ vapor’ is safer than regular cigarette ‘smoke’ because it is a different method of delivery without the carcinogenic chemicals.

In terms of second-hand smoke, e-juice is safer than regular cigarettes because the only vapor is exhaled which has no carcinogens. However, courtesy for others should be taken when vaporizing e-juice so you are not blowing your vapor directly into the faces of people around you. Also, in the United States, New York City, in particular, regulation has been passed banning electronic cigarettes use in restaurants, bars, and clubs.

E-juice with nicotine may become addictive to the user; however, a benefit to using e-juice in electronic cigarettes is that the nicotine level can be controlled and regulated so one can always cut down on the nicotine content found in the e-juice to avoid becoming addicted to it. In Britain, e-juice and electronic cigarettes are treated as medicine and manufacturers need to seek approval for their products, setting a higher bar of standards. E-juice should also be kept out of reach of children just like other medication and regular cigarettes. E-liquid is like Windex – it might be a bright color, but you wouldn’t let your children drink it.

From the above, it is safe to say that e-juice is safe for consumption, especially by smokers of regular cigarettes who wish to change their habits and start pursuing a healthier lifestyle by vaporizing e-liquid in an electronic cigarette. Further regulation of the e-juice will also help in building up the level of trust for the consumer/general public and creating a safe atmosphere for vaporizing and electronic cigarette use.

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