Infographics- Study of Graphic Designing Made Easy

Infographics- Study of Graphic Designing Made Easy

What is anybody’s expression whenever they come across a brand new term (to them) that they have never heard before? The initial mouth gaping wide open that clearly displays their ignorance is the first one but once it subsides, the curiosity is aroused and their knowledge to learn more about it is piqued through their interesting queries.

Certain terms that might sound complicated but in fact is anything but are a tiny minority indeed because you don’t use a complicated sounding word and expect it to be child’s play.

Today, we are going to discuss about one such term that might interest many people based on their preference but rest assured that it is no rocket science once you get the basics of it.


The term is infography, which is defined as the graphical representation of online data in a simple format in a bid to educate others on the technique in a normal manner without the use of technicalities.

Here are some important tips on how to mix font with infography like an expert:

  1. Mixing the fonts through a cheat sheet is one way that is listing out various typefaces that make it an interesting combination of alphabets and numerical
  2. You can mix the font size by matching it to the letters given in the article to a set pattern that is done with the help of college fonts and playing with opposite sides of the kern
  3. You can also match the Google fonts where you can find around 20 options to choose for a particular font size to mix it with designer projects
  4. Typography is a vast topic that is quite diversified in nature where you can learn about the commandments of fonts through size and color design
  5. When it comes to versatile fonts, you can try out options like Futura, Baskerville and Helvetica where they have innovative designs
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