How to Setup a Dollarspace Profile

How to Setup a Dollarspace Profile

Dollarspace as of June 5th, 2007 is one of the newer social networking sites on the Internet. People are joining this community to be paid for commenting, blogging, starting forum threads, and having the opportunity to ad Google Adsense to your profile. Because it is new many people are not accustomed to the mix and matching of how their back office works. So lets dive in and whether you are a member of Dollarspace or not you will know how to build your profile there with some easy steps compliments of……………………………

If you are a member of MySpace, BizPreneur or Lazzeo you will find a lot of similarities here. So the profile might be easy to make or completely confusing. Mostly because what works on MySpace may not work on Then again something that works on BizPreneur may not work on Dollarspace either and vice versa. You can check out this site to see what exactly is happening here. It’s my job to sort that out for you here in a few easy steps, and assuming you are not affiliated with any of the other networking sites mentioned above.

When you sign up for your account and finished with that process you find yourself in your My Account section. First thing you will want to do is upload a picture of either yourself or a logo of some kind that people will begin to recognize within their community. If you don’t know how to do that, just click Change Pic underneath the area where your picture or logo will be shown. You will then see the Browse button where you can scan your computer for the image you wish to display. Once you are finished click Upload Image and your picture will be available. It may take a few minutes for others to see your picture, but it will be soon. Now its time to turn that dull default profile into something magnificent.

#1 If you look above your profile picture you will see your navigation bar with Main, My Page, Settings, etc. etc. Click Settings. Then choose Profile Settings from the list of 4 links they give you. In this area you will place information about yourself as a social network allows you to such as Websites, Hobbies, Movies, Music, and About Yourself. Just remember that although the About Yourself section is last, it is actually the first that it shown on your profile so make sure what you want everyone to see first is in that section. When you are finished just typing your information in scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Profile Settings. After that you can scroll back up the page and click on My Page to see what it looks like on your profile. If you are satisfied leave it be and move on. You probably saw Top Ad Code and Bottom Ad Code in this section as well. You can only place Google Adsense there so if you have an Adsense account its more opportunities for you to make money.

#2 Its time to get that layout that is going to make your profile look spectacular that people will come by and compliment you on how it looks. In order to do this there are some simple ways that you may thought were not possible for you to understand. There are 3 websites that offer layouts that I use frequently which are Revolution MySpace, HotFreeLayouts, and Pimp-My-Profile. All with hundreds if not thousands of different layouts to choose from. Once you see one you like click the Preview button which will allow you to view it as if it were on a MySpace profile. Don’t worry though you will be able to use it on Dollarspace or any other networking site you use. Once you see it take your cursor and right click the background, Save Background As, and name it for records on your computer.

#3 Now go back to your Dollarspace account and click the Settings option again. You will see the option Design My Profile which is where you are going to upload your new background. Next to Background Image you will see a Browse button that you will just click and you can upload your image and presto!!! Thats it as far as your background. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see Save Profile Settings, click that and then click My Page to view your profile. You may have to refreshthe page to see that it is actually there so make sure you do that if you don’t see it immediately. After that go back to Settings and Design My Profile so we can fix your profile to see the entire background.

#4 You are now looking at about 31 different options. Lets work on how the wording or Text is going to look on your profile. The very first box that you will place a code in is Main Text Color. I want you to type #FFFFFF (white) if you have a dark background or #000000 (black) if you have a light background in this box. After you have placed it there, highlight it and copy. Every box you see where the information on the left reads Text Color or Link Color I want you to place the code you chose in each one all the way down the page there should be 15 in all.

#5 All of the other 15 boxes that are empty I want you to place the word Transparent in each of those. You will want to leave Background Color blank because you already chose an image in its place so that should leave 15 boxes not accounted for. Again type Transparent in the first box which will be Background Main, then copy it and paste it in all the empty boxes on down the page. When you are finished again click Save Profile Settings and then My Page. Refresh the page and you now have your new great looking profile.

Now that we have taken care of that there are some simple tips to this site that will help you to not make the same mistakes I did. You may want to put a music video or Youtube video on your profile. In order to do this go to whatever video you want, copy the HTML code and place it in your profile settings area. Now in order to keep your page looking professional and not getting wider where people have to scroll over to see it you are going to have to downsize your Youtube or Google Video. If you look in the HTML you will see two areas where there is a width “450” height “350” you will want to change those to around 250 a piece. This will keep your page straight instead of off center.

Also if you are trying to make links clickable on your page you must use  lt;  gt; tags as opposed to [ ] tags which caused me all sorts of problems. So if you are bringing information from another site and you place it in your settings and it doesn’t look right that is why. Using the  lt;  gt; tags also means instead of saying size=”5″ with [ ] tags around it you must put the word font in front of it and say font size=”5″ with  lt;  gt; around it.

If you are using a banner make sure it is no larger than 468×60 (width x height) and that when you place it in your profile you keep it on the right side of the page where there is room. if you say put it in the movies section (which is on the left side) it will push the page off center. After following these steps you should have a great looking profile sitting in front of you and something you should be proud of without hesitation.

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