How To Save A Relationship

How To Save A Relationship

Love Relationships – How To Save A Relationship When It Goes Bad. There seems to be an endless supply of information around on how to save a relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, check out, or spouse. Just pick up any magazine, listen to talk shows, search the internet and you’ll find copious advice on saving your romance. But there is an on-going problem that doesn’t appear to be addressed sufficiently with this well-intentioned advice…how do you get the ball rolling?

Saving your relationship with your partner is possible in many instances, however, if you’re not sure where to begin, or how to start exploring workable solutions to your problems, your chance of success with the whole relationship recovery process is slim.

So, perhaps the question is not, “How to save a relationship“, but, more appropriately should be, “How do I start to save a relationship” that’s gone sour?

With that in mind, the following series of questions might help put you on the right path when you and your partner, or maybe just one of you, decide it’s time to do something about your failing romantic relationship. It can be difficult, but by making a determined attempt at finding answers and communicating honestly with your partner, you are at least establishing some sort of starting point for possible relationship reconciliation.

Are you committed to saving your relationship?

Before you go about trying to figure out how to save a relationship, you need to be sure that this is what you really want to do. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But, this is a point that requires serious thought from both parties in any relationship, and one that is very often overlooked.

Are you attempting to get back with your partner simply because it seems like the right thing to do? Or maybe, it’s due to certain external influences, for example, family pressures or perhaps your religious or cultural background. Saving a relationship or marriage just to appease others can, most times, be an exercise in futility.

What has disappeared from your relationship that you want back?

Do you want more emotional or physical intimacy? Do you want to spend more time together doing activities you both enjoy? Do you just want to get back to the kind of respect and regard you had for each other when you first started going out?

If these are things that have disappeared from your relationship, you need to discuss with your partner why this has happened and how you can work at re-establishing the loving connection you once both shared.

When did your relationship start going wrong?

At one point you two were the perfect couple, right? You couldn’t wait to see each other, spent hours talking and making plans, and managed to solve any disagreements without growling at each other. Then something happened! To find out exactly what that “something” was, think back in time and see if you can pinpoint where things started going off track. Sit down and talk this through together and try to fathom what started the problems that are damaging your relationship.

Are you willing to compromise to save your relationship?

Most self-help books on how to save a relationship, information online that you may find or relationship counselors, will advise you to look for some common, middle ground between you and your partner, but they often don’t explain why, much less, how to do it.

The crux of the matter is, if you’re sick and tired of arguing repeatedly over the same issues, then something needs to change. You both have to be prepared to do a little bit of compromising.

While it might be difficult in the beginning, both of you are going to have to sit down together, focus on one problem area, then try to come up with a possible solution. And, you must commit to that agreement. There’s no point bailing out at the slightest hint that your proposed “problem fix” may not work, or it just doesn’t suit you.

Everyone has certain personality traits and habits that just aren’t going to go away. That means, at some point, you will have to decide if those little “quirks” you find aggravating about your partner are worth breaking up over or if you can just accept them and move on.

Do you spend time with your partner?… Quality Time?

Many times relationships simply break up because the two people involved don’t pay enough attention to each other. You tend to drift apart from one another. While you might not be able to take that romantic getaway at a moment’s notice, at least, make the effort to set aside time every week just for you and your partner.

Whatever you do, maybe go out somewhere special, or just stay at home, make this time sacred. No talking about work pressures, money problems, or, if you have any, which of the kids is in trouble this week. Instead, use the time to share your thoughts, beliefs, and dreams with your loved one. This time together is about the two of you…nothing and no-one else!

The suggestions outlined above are just some simple starting points on how to save a relationship. Of course, there are many other things you can do to get your relationship back on track. Maybe what you need is a proven plan designed by a professional or, even searching for related information online can provide you with helpful ideas and strategies. Whatever you do, make sure the information you decide to use is from a reliable source and that you actually use it…No action, no results!

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