Have Consumers Forced Big Business to Go Green?

Have Consumers Forced Big Business to Go Green?

Big Business Going Green?

It’s happening everywhere we look. Big Businesses are starting to realize that the consumers want Green. Consumers want to know that their purchase power is not damaging the planet we live on.

Among the top Green movers and shakers are companies like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is coming out with ads and promises about it’s eco-friendly, sustainable plans. G.E. is coming out with ads and promises about brighter futures and less smoggy tomorrows. Mutual funds are starting to crop up that cater only to stocks of companies who are Green (Most notably perhaps is the Spectra Green Fund). All of a sudden it makes perfect business sense to use renewable energy, lessen unnecessary waste and emissions and to provide sustainable products.


Well, it seems that for today- it’s the thing to do, going Green that is.

Businesses are realizing that they are viewed in a positive light when they are depicted as crusaders against the pollutants of yesterday. Businesses find that they have a much larger consumer base when they are eco-friendly. Consumers can feel good about shopping at places that tell them “we are working on the design for a facility that is carbon neutral”, which says Wal-Mart about it’s efforts to become eco friendly, or this vehicle uses “189,000 gallows of fuel less than its predecessor”, which GE says about it’s next generation Locomotive.

Also, the type of sustainability and efficiency that Green designs require has allowed businesses to realize that going Green doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, more often then not, going Green makes designs more efficient, less costly and longer lasting. This what companies like Wal-Mart and G.E. realize, that green is not only what the consumers want- but it’s a more efficient and stable way of doing business.

A look at what Wal-Mart plans to do:

Wal-Mart’s attack seems to be focused at 3 main areas: Energy, Waste, and Products. They hope to have 100% renewable energy, cut waste and emissions, and sell affordable and sustainable products. Wal-Mart, in its program Acres for America, has teamed up with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to setup plans to preserve one acre of land for every acre it develops. Wal-Mart also plans to attack wasteful product packaging. They claim to have helped suppliers make packaging more efficient and thus eliminated tons of unnecessary waste in the process.

Some of the other promises:

Wal-Mart hopes to increase the efficiency of its trucks (all 7,000 of them) by 25% and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by the year 2012.

Wal-Mart hopes to decrease the amount of energy used by stores by 20% by 2009.

A look at what G.E. plans to do:

G.E. has a few pages of extremely environment friendly products on the lineup to come out in the new feature. Many of the products of engines and generators. A few types of innovative locomotives that are said to use 189,000 less gallons of gasoline during it’s lifetime then its predecessor. All part of their “Ecomagination” marketing plan.

The most eye-catching may be the new design for a coal factory that they have developed. They have a new system designed to create Cleaner coal: “The amazing Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle system converts coal into a high-value, cleaner burning fuel. Using this fuel, a power plant can reduce its key pollutants by as much as 50 percent compared to a conventional coal power plant.” (GE Website)

It’s clear that some of the big companies have decided the move to green/sustainable and efficient products; only time can tell if they live up to the promises of cutting so-and-so percent of emissions or if they go the easy route and buy pollution credits on the open market. One thing that is for sure, is that the American industries are finally trying to become part of the solution and no longer want to be part of the problem that is global pollution.

Pollution is one of the worst problems that every nation is grappling with and America has made a smart move make products that are not on the lines followed by previous federal governments, who were quite casual in their approach and eradicating pollution is important, which is why people are moving Edmonton due to it being one of the cities where pollution level is almost nil.

For more information on Wal-Mart and G.E. Enviromentally friendly plans please visit the links in the additional resources section.

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