Got Hair Dye On Your Scalp? Home Remedies To Remove Color From Scalp

Got Hair Dye On Your Scalp? Home Remedies To Remove Color From Scalp

Got hair dye on your scalp from coloring your hair black, purple, red, or pink? Removing hair dye remedies for your skin can not be applied to the scalp in the same matter. Why? Because some of the products can be extremely harsh on the scalp. For instance: You can apply WD-40 to your hands to remove black hair dye, but on the head it can cause a major issues such as itching, dryness, allergic reaction or even bumps.
Never use lemon juice, peroxide, dish detergent, or a clarifying/medicated shampoo. Why? Because these products will start to strip your fresh new color. Use these home remedies.

Warm Milk

Place a small amount of milk into a microwave safe bowl. Heat up for 20-30 seconds. Allow the milk to cool down, but not too long. While the milk is lukewarm dip a rag into it. Make sure the rag is saturated and place directly onto the scalp. Rub into the scalp where the dye is located. Use a little bit of pressure and elbow grease. After rubbing let the milk to stay on for 10 minutes, then rinse in cold water.

Hair Dye

You can do this two ways. Mix a drop of leftover hair color with a very gentle shampoo, or place some hair dye onto your finger and rub into the scalp. Dye does remove dye.


With the thousands of toothpastes on the market, the only one I found that works extremely well with removing hair dye from the scalp is Cinnamon. You can use any brand as long as the tube says cinnamon on it.

Wet your toothbrush thoroughly. Then place a decent amount of toothpaste onto a brush. Place the brush directly on the stained area, and gently scrub into a lather. Scrub for 2-3 minutes, and then stop. Leave the paste on scalp for 10 minutes. Rinse off in cold water.

Alcohol Free Face Toner

I know many people or I should say beauticians swear by Sea Breeze or rubbing alcohol, but these products can totally dry your scalp out. Opt for something like Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. This will be more gentle, and cause less irritation. Place a small amount onto a cotton ball or rag and scrub the scalp gently. No need to apply extra pressure.

Baby Oil

This is a very safe way to remove hair dye off your scalp. Place a small amount onto the area desired. Rub it in throughly, and allow the oil to stay on your scalp for 15-45 minutes. Place a processing cap over the head so the oil does not drip out. Rinse with cold water. If you only have a very tiny section to do, you can leave it on over night, but larger section I would not recommend.

If all fails which they shouldn’t head over to a Sally beauty supply store and pick up either Color Trak Wipe Off, or Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover.

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