Fool Proof Weight Loss

Fool Proof Weight Loss

A great many of us have tried every diet on the planet that we could find. The low fat diet was popular once upon a time and the Atkins diet was a giant fad. Between, before, and after those diets were a slew of other mystical ways to lose weight. The problem with most diets is that they are hard to stick with and when you stop, the weight comes back–sometimes with a vengeance. What good are those kinds of diets?

I hate counting calories and having to watch what I eat when I’m eating out. Determining the caloric damage of a restaurant meal is an art form all its own–some menus tell you the number of calories now. How am I supposed to know which choice of entree that I actually want to eat is also not going to be worth two meals in calories? That is way too much work–and mostly guess work–to do when you are out trying to have a good time.

The easiest of all diets to stick to and actually lose weight with is a meal replacement diet. Some people might call it a liquid diet. The idea is to replace certain meals with liquid ones that have a set number of calories, vitamins, minerals, and everything else that you can scientifically control. These shakes are generally a few hundred calories and keeps you satisfied. You are never starving yourself.

A meal replacement diet is simple and fool proof. Studies show that replacing one or two meals a day leads to a consistent loss of 7 to 8 percent of body weight in a year. You can choose to replace your entire diet with meal replacements. That will get boring and you will likely get a craving for real food. Real food is nice. I don’t recommend making every meal a liquid one but, replacing most of them will probably give you the results you want without any side-effects of weight loss drugs. You can replace most of your meals with a liquid one and then make sure that your other meal is consistently in line with your diet so when you go out to eat, it won’t matter what you order. You can consider it a treat.

You can get any number of over-the-counter meal replacement products like Slim-Fast, Met-Rx, or Atkins Nutritionals. You can also buy meal replacement powders from places like GNC. The idea is to look for something that has a good ratio of fats, carbs, and proteins as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. Basically, you want to replace what you would normally get in real food with the liquid stuff. In a lot of case, you’ll probably be eating better–nutritionally–with the shakes if your current diet consists mainly of mass-produced or highly processed chain restaurant foods.

I’ve tried a few meal replacement shakes from making my own using real ingredients in a blender to prepackaged powdered products. For convenience sake, I would go with the powdered products. The one that I am currently using is Muscle Milk Chocolate Milk. It has a the blend of carbs, fats, and proteins that I want plus a handful of vitamins. On top of that, it actually tastes really good. It also has a lot of other things that are supposed to promote fat loss and boost muscle growth. I don’t know if it works but, if it does, great.

There isn’t an easier diet to follow on the planet. It works, usually quicker than most other diets, and it is easy to stick with. There is little preparation work involved once you figure out which meal replacement product you want to use. Mix this diet in with a real workout plan and you’ll be torching fat like nobody’s business.



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