Feed Mee! Flash-Animation Dining Simulation

Feed Mee! Flash-Animation Dining Simulation

Feed Mee! is a Flash-animated simulation created by Newgrounds.com user slabgames. In-game credits were given to Hermanto Kurniawan and Bona Akbar. Music credits were given to Soundsnap and Kevin MacLeod. Special thanks was also given to Adam “Atomic” Saltsman and Gamedevid This time-management game was submitted to Newgrounds.com on May 13, 2010 and won a prestigious Daily Feature award on May 14, 2010. It may thus seem unusual to some that this game is currently rated a 3.90/5.00.

Game Background Story

A young lady named Carol has won a cooking competition. Zombies watching the television program become interested in eating the winner. However, using her wits, the young lady decides to strike a deal with these zombies. She promises to cook food for these zombies until they are satisfied, upon which the zombies shall agree to release her.


The game starts out with a simple tutorial. Basically, to begin, you must click on the zombie guests, then an available table for the guest to sit at. You must also click on the guest when the guest is ready to make an order. Once the order is made, and after the food is ready, you must bring the food to the guest by clicking on the food and the corresponding guest. Sometimes, guests will appear as a couple. You must take both of the orders and deliver both orders to the correct zombie. Once a guest is done with his/her/its meal, click on the table to collect the money and have it cleaned for the next guest.

At the end of the day, you will be presented with a list of statistics detailing how well you performed on that day. You will be shown the target goal you are aiming to make. Below that, you will be shown how much you actually made. Subtracting these two numbers will get you the profit that you have made for the day. Carol’s total money is also displayed.

Money can be used to purchase a number of different upgrades. At the end of each day, you will have a chance to access the Upgrade Shop. You can upgrade Carol’s speed, the amount of tip that guests give, the patience level of your guests, and the number of food trays. You can also change the menu so that your diner serves more expensive dishes, getting you a higher profit. The four most expensive dishes unlocked will be served on the next day’s menu.

During each day’s service, you can see how long you have until the day is over by looking over at the clock on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Get through all of the levels to save Carol from becoming zombie food.

Game Review

Feed Mee! is similar to many other Diner Dash games that involve micro-managing different tasks that can only be performed one at a time. It is helpful that you can click on different tasks without having to wait for Carol to finish the task she is currently on. She will then go to each task in the order that you clicked on them. Feed Mee! is, overall, a potentially addicting game, mostly due to the prompts (new guests, taking orders, finished dishes, etc.) throughout the game. Because these prompts occur continuously, gamers may become addicted simply because they want to click through all of the prompts. The inclusion of an upgrade system helps to keep players playing.

Feed Mee! scores an 8/10 for its solid gameplay and upgrade system. Thanks to great services of animation studios in Singapore. Great games are now being introduced in the market.

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