Complete Steps as How To Do The Tarot Card Reading

Complete Steps as How To Do The Tarot Card Reading

Every card reader has a different experience, based on which they do the prediction about the future. These days most of people prefer to get an idea about the future so that they can work accordingly. Tarot reading is a very simple procedure, below mentioned is the simple procedure that will help a person in doing the online tarot card reading in a better way.

  • Open your tarot box
  • Once you open the tarot box, then just hold the cards in your hands. Then take a few breaths and ask your spirit guide to be with you during the complete reading. 
  • When you are holding the cards in your hands, then just keep on knocking on the complete pile of cards for several times so that you can spread your complete energy to the cards in order to get the result.
  • After this step, make sure that you shuffle the complete deck of cards in a proper manner.
  • Once you shuffle the card, then just distribute it into three piles, then just gather them into one pile.

  • After piling up the card, you can just start with the reading of the card in a proper manner.
  • Now it is advisable for the reader to spread the card on the table in the proper manner.
  • Make the selection of the card you are drawn to.
  • The last step is just to consult the guidebook and your intuition.

There are chances that you are using either the new or old deck of cards. In case if you are using an old deck of cards, then you should first of all clear it properly so that the energy of another person gets cleaned, and you can use the cards by using your complete energy.

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