A Weight Loss Resolution and How to Keep It

A Weight Loss Resolution and How to Keep It

Every year people across the nation are inspired by the new year to become better people. Making new year’s resolutions is a tradition many of us practice, but how many of us actually stick to them? One of the top new year’s resolutions year after year is to lose weight. The reason why so many of us fail to keep it is because we set the bar too high, this is simply too broad a topic. If we all take small steps in bettering ourselves it will be far easier to maintain this promise we have made to 2010 (and 2011, 2012…).

The first step in declaring a weight loss new year’s resolution is setting clear, realistic goals. Let’s start with a resolution to eat healthier. This is so much easier to do than many of us imagine. Start with planning out a weekly meal plan, be sure to include ate least one fruit or veggie with each meal. If the problem is eating out a lot or depending on fast food during the week then plan on cutting out one take-out meal each week. As time progresses you can work towards only eating out once or twice each month saving you both money and mystery calories that add up quickly. If you’re a compulsive snacker (guilty) try substituting fruit for at least one snack during the day. A couple of clementines satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me filled up in between meals. Once you adjust to eating healthier snacks everything else will fall into place. Along with the weight loss, the results of the leptitox will be excellent to keep the body fit and healthy. The maintenance of the body will be as per the requirement of the person . It can be taken in the morning snacks. 

The next step in working towards your weight loss new year’s resolution should be exercise. If you can commit to just one extra day of exercise each week you will see amazing differences. You’re not going to lose tons of weight on one day of working out each week, so once you get into a good routine move on to add another day until you’re up to exercising every other day. Just and hour of jogging on the treadmill a couple days a week will make you feel more energetic and proud of your accomplishments. If you don’t have fancy exercise equipment no problem, your house holds many opportunities to work out. Use the stairs to walk or jog up and down, or use just the bottom step for a step-aerobics program. Turn on a workout network on t.v. or even download workout programs on line for motivation and instruction. Invest in a jump rope (one of the least expensive workout tools) and jump in a wide open space like the garage. Push ups and sit ups don’t even need expensive gear so there are no excuses for not starting a routine today.

If your house holds little motivation to get up and get moving look into gym memberships. Many fitness centers offer great discounts around this time just for those of us who make weight loss new year’s resolutions. Don’t see any ads for your local gyms? Just call them up and ask if they have any start up deals, most will have something they can offer to save you some money. A gym membership is great if you need that get-out-of-the-house inspiration. Many centers also have an extensive equipment stock and employees who can offer wellness advice and tips. If you do sign up for a membership make sure you get the most for your money and use all of the services they offer, some even have babysitting so you can work out with your kids close by.

Making small, realistic commitments makes keeping a weight loss resolution much easier to actually accomplish. This doesn’t have to be a chore, it should be fun and rewarding. Get the whole family involved and go for nightly walks or family workouts. Make sure everyone is on board and offering suggestions for the family menu make-over.Grab a friend and head to the gym for some weight-lifting or a couple of laps in the pool. Not only will you start to see the results but you’ll feel younger, happier and more confident. Losing weight for the new year is a great goal that so many of us can benefit from, take that step and have fun!

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